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Teen habit or something that will go on for the rest of life?
I often have the urge to hold my penis or scrotum. I do not want to masturbate, I just want to old myself. Sometimes I slowly rub, but nothing that will bring me to an orgasm. This often happens when I am not completely soft nor hard.

I do masturbate at other times, usually 2-3 times a week. Is this feeling meaning my body wants me to jack off or what?

Does anyone else experience this?

I don't think it means anything, but it could be your body's way of saying that you should be jacking off a bit more often, maybe every 2nd day (or more)
Teen relationships....girls with boyfriends?
so this is a little personal.. but i just had my first orgasmm with my bf of almost a month...do teen girls usually orgasm with thier bfs? i herd it was hard to?..?
yeah its pretty easy to be honest because you are new to it all and your hormones during your teens are raging so the littlest things can set you off lol. ignore all these people they tend to jump to conclusions here without really thinking.
just relax about it have fun and be safe, theres nothing wrong with expressing yourself in these ways with your bf as long as you go at your pace not his.

to others: i guess you have never heard of foreplay, you must have very weak relationships if the only way you can orgasm is through sex, how sad. also just because she said teen doesn't mean she is like 14 she could 17 or 19 (nine TEEN) no one ever seems to think of that.
Men's sperm count drop every time he has an orgasm?
I just read on a site that helps maxamize your chance for pregnancy and it says everytime a guy has an orgasm, his sperm count gets dropped. I also heard on some sex show somewhere that a guy gets 30,000 new sperm everyday. Which ones true, and if it does drop how does it affect getting pregnant, like..if a guy has sex a lot or has orgasms a lot during his teen years, will it make him harder to have guyren later on in life?
Testicles are constantly making new sperm. I don't know where you got the idea that a guy's count drops every time he gets off.

It won't make it harder to have guyren. Actually, I would think it would make it easier to have guyren as all the orgasms practice the body for it. A guy that has never experienced an orgasm will be less than ready to make babies rather than somebody that's experienced.
I can't get my girlfriend to have an orgasm ?
i been with her for 3 months now....she says none her ex boyfriend managed it, but she can have it by herself, i kind of feel really bad that i cant get her to have an orgasm though we do get really close, and she says i am the best partner she ever had, and enjoy having sex with me too, she is saying one one il manage it but im really worried, she is in her early 19 is it harder to get teen girls to have an orgasm ? my ex girl friends way really easy, just using the finger on her clit is good for to get an orgasm ....i have no clue what to do ..please any help and tips
As you know, most women on the planet need clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasms.

Make sure she is relaxed and emotionally fulfilled.

Ask her what she likes. She knows her body.

Do a lot of foreplay.

See the links below.

What's your solution for my sexual issue, the issue is that i can't reach the orgasm.?
i'm living in Iraq, 25 years old, not married, i want to ask a question about my sexual health. i have trouble with reaching the orgasm, since my teen age i was learned the special kind of masturbation, and it's that i shaking my penis by my right hand, but as i know every boy's are masturbating by pulling and pushing their penis, and they will reach the orgasm easily but when i'm trying to masturbate in this kind i can't get the orgasm and also my water is not coming too, so i'm scared when i get marry make a problem for me, and the second trouble is that when my penis is not getting full hard and not making 90 degree angle, do you think this will be a larkspur for my marriage process, and what's your solution for that, is it possible to reach the orgasm when i'm doing the sex with my wife .
Ummm......I'm sure once you've had the real thing it's not going to be a problem. A hand is no comparison to a vagina, no matter what weird technique you've got going on. Though I'm rather concerned that you'll have a problem finding the right hole.......Ask an american soldier for a hustler or playboy magazine, it may solve some of your problems!
Teen girls, can you please help me?
I am 15 years old and a girl. I tried masturbating and I started to feel a tingling and throbbing yet pleasurable sensation and it felt REALLY good. I also started breathing kind of hard. If I continued, would I have reached an "orgasm?"
Yes you reached it :D well done and welcome to a teens world!
When you're older and into sexual relationships ask your boyfriend to do what made you reach orgasm.
Why has my enjoyment of sex declined? i thought sex was supposed to get better as a woman gets older. i'm 32
i have libido..i WANT sex, but when ido it,i don't get aroused like i used to in my teens + 20's, and i find it harder to orgasm now. i have a great partner who i love and find really attractive. what's going on?
Don't forget when you were younger it was exciting because you were young. How long have you been with your partner? If for quite a while then maybe you need to get the excitement back into the relationship. It has nothing to do with love or attractiveness, you just get used to each and comfortable. Try to make the relationship exciting like it was when you first met. Go on a date, yes a first date together again. Arrange to meet somewhere, get dressed up, have a meal, then invite him back to your house, even if you live together, pretend you don't. I hope you find this will help.
I am male & i take more than 20 minutes to get orgasm... what to do to reduce time???
I have this problem since my teens and it is like exercising with weights... though the gal with me enjoys a lot and gets 2-3 orgasms but for me it is exercising for nearly 40 minutes on an average and even then it evades me and i am still hard.... I have to stop coz of the exertion and not coz i got orgasm... big problem i got !!!!! any solutions .... i was heavy into karate and weights and still am practising for my 3rd dan blackbelt... does this have any relation to being active in sports. The thought of sex puts me off though i want to do it coz i know i will be doing it for minimum 1 hour and then the exertion will be more than the pleasure i would get...
i think your thinking about it to much
relax enjoy yourself dont focus on the orgasm
try sensatizing cream it may inrcrease your ablilty to finish
do you have the same problem when masterbating?
Oh my God what am I, Bi, gay or even straight?
Hi, never used this before and you probably don't need another what am I question but I'm freaking out and really in need of answers.

I'm a 24 year old guy and I always thought I was straight and have been going out with my girlfriend for seven years and am very much in love with her and have always loved having sex with her. I always had a little concern about my sexual orientation as I used to worry about it when I was an early teen but I felt that I was straight as I was turned on by women and had crushes predating that time of confusion and since then I've felt really attracted to women and female movie stars. Lately though I've been having a crisis of sexuality.

It started with a gay friend hitting on me in a night club. I was drunk and didn't really care at the time. However I started to freak out and thought what if I liked it. This went on for a while and the thoughts didn't leave me alone. I started testing myself continually about liking girls and put myself under huge pressure to "respond" to these sexual thoughts. This began taking over my life and I've been really stressed. I decided to look at gay porn to see what it was like and to my horror I was really arroused and even masturbated to it and came hard. I tried to do the same with straight porn (like I used to) but I think I'm putting so much pressure on myself that it's hard o get arroused and I'm getting chest pains and shoulder pains. This is weird as I used to always get turned on by naked women. I think I'm just terrified that I won't be arroused by women anymore. I'm now getting the same feeling when I look at women on the street or imaging kissing or having sex with them whereas I'm getting arroused by the thought having sex with a man. I just want to be attracted to women so badly like I used to be (or at least I thought i used to be). If I'm not then my whole life with my girlfriend is over and has been a sham. This is such a terrible thought as I was always so happy at the thought of her being in my future. I used to find her so sexy and felt so lucky and happy to be with her. I've been miserable about this for two months now and can't think of anything else. Also when I kiss my girlfriend now I just get so terrified and start thinking would I enjoy this more with a man and I get so stressed I start feeling the afore mentined physical pain and get so low. The thing is though seeing her naked still turns me on as when I do I get an instant erection. These thoughts that I might have to be with a man and not her and my whole life is about to change is just ruining my life and my relationship. I've heard about guys finding out they're gay after they're married and this just terrifies me.

How can this be happening? I remember when I was young I always had crushes on girls. The first time it happened was a girl in my class and I was five for God's sake. There have been so many times when I just couldn't keep my eyes of a girl on a train or a bus or other times when I felt just had to "have" my girlfriend right there and then.

I'm thinking now that I'm probably bi as I'm turned on by my girlfriend and the thought of being with a man. I'm jsut scared that I'll be on the gay end of the scale of bisexuality and that I'll never be happy in my relationship again. When I masturbate the gay thoughts give me a harder orgasm. Could this be just because they're new? How do I prove whats going on without cheating on my girlfriend. The thought of kissing another man though does disgust me so I don't know if I could if I wanted to.

My girlfriend knew something was wrong and after repeated questioning I told her what was wrong and she told me she didn't care if I was bisexual and that she loved me very much. This was great but i'm still scared that I'm infact gay or mostly gay anyway.

Is there anyone out there who has gone through something like this and if so how did you get through it? Can anyone help me? Please. I just want to stop feeling this terror and panic and know whats going on.
I know exactly how you feel, but my circumstances are a bit different.
When I was in the early stages of puberty, I was really confused, I knew I wasn't straight, because I fancied boys, and I knew I wasn't gay, because I fancied girls. As this was over 40 years ago, there was no internet to look things up on, and no other information readily available. By the time I was about 17, I learnt that there was such a thing as being bisexual, and realised that this was what I was.
Although I had relationships with guys and girls, the one that became permanent was with a girl, so the question of whether to come out or not never arose, I've been happily married for 30 years now, and have 2 great guys.
My problem is that I still long for gay sex, and although I've been 100% faithful to my wife, it's getting harder to resist the urges.
If you're happy with sex with your girlfried, and she understands the fact that you may be bi, then that's a good start, and if she's comfortable with that, then you should be able to maintain the relationship.
I've attached a link that has a test to help people discover their sexuallity, I found it quite accurate, and the result was exactly how I feel about myself, so you might want to take the test.
I hope this helps.

EDIT: Just read through the other answers, and The Big Willi has a good point - that is exactly why I don't go to gay bars, I don't want to be seen as an old perv. I just wish there was somewhere that people like me could meet up.
Teen girl masturbate...?
hi i'm fifteen years old and recently discovered the pleasures of masturbation. i have been doing it daily for about a week now and have tried:
-fingering myself
-shower head

i receive pleasure from the shower but not so much from my finger unless i go really hard and really fast. but i have small hands so i don't get far...

are there any better ways to do this without toys? i would love to experience an orgasm...

*i am a virgin and am saving myself for marriage.
this website should help. masturbation is a perfectly normal and healthy thing to do, just don't get over obsessed with it.


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