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I honestly LOVE THE COSTUME. I'm really small though so the adult one didn't fit luckly They have a teen one! ^.^ I don't care if its just a shirt and a skirt, other halloween costumes are just dresses and headbands so. Anywhoo. I really wanna know if it will fit me.
I wear 00-0 in pants.
And usually an XS-S in shirts.
Soo.. what do you think? :D
thanks. 10 points for someone who actually answers my questions.
Sponge Babe? Is it Sponge Bob's girlfriend or something?

Yes, a teen size will work if you are a small adult. I am a small adult. I wear teen sizes. Go and be spongy and beautiful, Sponge Babe.
Teen girls: why do guys call girls "babe" or "baby"?
what does it mean when a guy calls you babe or baby? does it mean they like you or what?
Guys wanna feel better about themselves and want to sound cool, while making the girl more attracted would be my best guess
What are your favorite school babes in school teen movies ?
I think about movies like mean girls and series like buffy / heroes, etc.
the chicks in not another teen movie

Where can I find the Harajuku sandals featured in Teen Vogue?
In the teen vogue December/January magazine they featured some Harajuku lovers leather sandals in the "Getaway gift guide; Beach Babe" article. They said find them at Macys but I can't seem to find them. Does anyone else know where they are?
the same thing happened to me- there were some havaiana gladiator style sandals in instyle in the beach getaway article. i cant find them anywhere! im just going to wait until it gets a little warmer, both kinds will probably be MUCH easier to find once they are in season!! really frustrating, though.
What do teen guys like being called by their girlfriends?
i have a boyfriend and he called me babe or baby all the time and i dont know what to call him in return. we dotn see each other alot. i really like him. and if you could answer one more thing. he wants to make out i havent had a my first make out yet. he was my first kiss. im scared. he made out alot with his ex-girlfriend. soo he has. what if he thinks im bad at it?
If he really likes you he'll understand. And don't put your self down girl... You'll be shocked with what u can do:) good luck
I have positional plagiocephaly but im teen?
When I was like 6-12 months, my parents put me in a position face up in my crib to prevent sudden death, but they kept me very well and now I see I have this form of skull
I can get a surgery for head shape or is it too late? I have 14 years of age, the only information I have of plagiocephaly is how to prevent it in babies but what if the parents doesn t care and leave his babe like me?
Are you sure your parents don't have the same shaped head as you do ?! Some people are flat at the back of there skull anyway.

Surgery would not be given for plagiocephaly that is only the positional type. There is way too many risks involved, including infection for it to be performed for cosmetic reasons. And yes, you are too old for such surgery.

Surgery for misshapen skulls would be performed on babies who have serious conditions such as hydrocephalus.
When a guys says you're a babe to a gay guy?
when a guys says your a babe on a note to me? does that mean he could like me?? I a gay guy teen and hes a teen guy(not sure fi hes gay or not) to but i dont think he knows im gay??
Sounds hot. Ask him.
What can i get my babe for valentines day !?
Hi everybody I really need help I'm 19years old and I been with my bf for a year and a couple months we goin out to eat but when we come home I wana surprise him with a great gift. Nothin sexual I want it to be sweet and romantic and something that will have him really shocked please help me what can I get him that's really sweet and romantic even doe we teens I still want this valentines day to be the best one ever
ERRRRRR I hate V-tines day sorry to be the devil. My ex left me almost a month ago for another woman good luck

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