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Were Atlantic slave traders forced to torture slaves?
Was it part of their job? Or did they do it because they were racist?

&list some resource sites I can use. Thanks!
Were they forced to? No. However being cruel comes easy to some people. If you want to know more about the atlantic voyage for slaves search "middle voyage" or "middle passage". Here is a link to get you started, and good luck.
Did Condi Rice not understand torture is wrong despite her Slave background?
Or did she think it was OK because her grandfather was an Uncle Tom?
Damn! Maybe she really thinks slavery is far behind us but I don't see how anyone couldn't see that was wrong unless they were a sociopath.
God loves you so much,that if you don't serve him like a good little slave he will torture you for eternity?
Did I get that right? God loves us so much,that he will torture us for eternity for not being good little slaves? Sounds a little like Hitler really.
Translation: We, the human leaders, want to control the behavior of the masses, so we will threaten them with the most horrific eternal punishment imaginable...then they'll do what we tell them.
Would you worship a God who tortures anyone, even Hitler and slaveholders and slave masters, rapists ?
Would you worship a God who tortures anyone, even Hitler, slave holders, slave traders, slave masters, rapists, and murderers, for 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 1 decade, 1 score, 1 century, 1 millennium, or eternity? Would you yourself torture anyone for that long if you could? What would be the point of torturing anyone for eternity? Especially, those who just never heard about Jesus? Is that the kind of God that you worship?
I can see suffering being used to educate people, but no, I can't picture a loving God torturing simply to punish, especially if the punishment is to last for eternity.

Even Hitler would have paid is debt after 1 billion years of unimaginable pain. Why eternity? Why a point of no redemption?
What are some ways to make best use out of a slave?
At school, we're having a fundraiser where they're auctioning off students as slaves for one lunchtime. What are some interesting ways I could use such slaves, but not to torture them, like, what funny things could I make them do? And, the slave has the right to say no, so, no dodgy stuff
set them free! (tell them to cut class!)
What methods of torture and tools of torture were used by Americans to keep the black slaves "in check"?
One was a screw with a handle to turn it. They would screw it into a muscle and then pull it out. Horrible but true. The fact is that "torture" was used by Americans and torture is still used, even if debated today by Americans, on whomever they feel are "terrorists". See "salem witch hunts" if you need to understand the American mindset.
I think the biggest torture was to split families.
What would you do if Justin Bieber were your slave?
I'd personally like to lock him up in my basement so I could tickle torture him whenever I wanted. He looks like he'd be ticklish.
I'll tell him to go and serenade my MALE friend.......

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