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What is the matter with my hamster?
Ok well my hamster is swelling in her "anal" section, and I have no idea what is wrong, she is real skinny now, she used to be quite plump, and now you can feel her ribs, i just cleaned her cage, but I don't want her to die so what is it and what can I do about it?(also she won't exesize!)Also her eyes are closed up and constantly she is sleeping !
shes really sick , try to keep her in a ward enviroment
ok, im just a little curious here..i've heard so many people say that anal sex makes your butt bigger but is it really true? i kinda believed it for a second especially bcuz a couple of my friends have anal never had a big booty b4 and now its not huge but compared to before it is bigger..and then my other friend already had a big butt and since she started having anal sex it got even im like "hmmmm???" lol..anyway, i was born with a big butt, a nice shaped round butt, but the rest of my body was a just right size and flat tummy and back in 2007 i started to have anal sex, im not a big fan of it but i did it once in a while bcuz my husband likes it..okay so anyway, after doing it a couple times after a couple months, my butt liker litereally started to get softer, n looser and started to saa little, (more like getting flat)!! and now that its not plumped and firm anymore, i dont have a big butt no more and i miss it but its seems like i cant ever get it im upset about that but thats what made me wonder, does anal sex maker your butt big or does it make it loose or does it depend on the person or is it all a myth?? just wondering..i know this is such a weird and random question, rude comments please!! thanks!
No its just very painful to get a p**** in your *** .

Truth: Its false .
Chihuaha/Terrier mix - I found her and want to know if there is anything about her that I must know now.?
She is very mellow, plump, happy, loves my lap, took a bath beautifully, ate and drank lots and went for a long walk on her first day with us after she approached us in the park. Any dog care help/suggestions for a chihuaha would be appreciated. (I think she may need her anal glands expressed cuz she did the booty rub on the sidewalk.)
The only thing that I have noticed about Chihuahua's versus other dogs is that they seem to require an INSANE amount of praise to get them to do the RIGHT thing...such as NOT crap on the carpet! On the flip-side they DO NOT respond AT ALL to being punished or yelled at.......they don't seem to find anyone intimidating I guess!
How to gain weight in the right spots/sexual intercourse?
I have heard differernt things about gaining weight and gettin wider hips and bigger but but the major thing i have heard is that its all in the genes and sexual intercourse. Well anal sex i heard give u bigger but. is that true. I've heard vaginal intercourse from behind works well what really works but also i hear excersise butt work outs but i feel it just make u loose the meat/ lil fat on your butt. Well i have a little butt w/ a curve to it and it has meat on it a little fat it giggle lol but i want to plump it lift it so it looks rounder plus get a bigger butt what should i do?
That's an old wives' tale, and it's not true. Sexual intercourse has absolutely no effect on hip size or breast size, your weight, the way you walk, or any of the other things you may have heard.

Unless you get pregnant, in which case your hips, breasts, and stomach will get bigger, you'll gain weight, and you'll walk differently too.

But ONLY if you're pregnant. :D
I need help telling if my other Black Mollie is pregnant.?
I had bought a tank about a week ago, with two black mollies that were about the same size. About two days later, I had noticed I have about 4 live fry in my tank (the others were dead by the time I learned I had new additions). The other mollie is still as plump as the first one was, it's gills has some silver color to them, which it had when I got it, but it seems ok as I've had it for over a week and it's about as active and healthy as the other one without the discoloration. Also right in front of that anal fin is a white spot, which has gotten fairly noticable the last few days.

Does this sound like some sort of disease or pregnancy? If it is indeed pregnant, how would I be able to tell when it'll give birth?
First of all a female molly kept in a tank with a male even if removed will be pregers up to 5 months. They store the sperm from the males like guppies.

Anytime a molly changes from black to silver keep an eye on them. They are highly known for ich.

If you have a young female, she could have still birth until she matures. There is no real way other than counting 28-45 days to tell when she will give birth. I have one in salt water that looks like a balloon. Pregers for 72 days no babies. She finally gave birth to 32 fry.
He's always been so active and healthy and "plump". LOVED sunflower seeds.

Since about a week and a half ago, he hasn't been sleeping up in his "tower" or skyhouse and rather sleeps in the basement floor which is odd. He sleeps in a sideways position when he used to lay sleeping on his stomach. His food bowl nearly hasn't been touched for a while. Hasn't been using his wheel at all whatsoever.

I decided to examine him and I took him out just now with my mom and he lost so much weight! He used to be 4 and 7/8 ounces but now he's 4 and 1/8 oz. You could feel every bone in his body. He has some discharge in his anal area but his tail isn't wet. His eyes used to glisten and be big and bright but now they seem to be smaller and more inside the eye socket. His ears are back. Looks like he has trouble breathing. Won't even put his favorite sunflower seed treats in his mouth.

Do hamsters have a tendency to eat less in the winter or something? Should I book a vet's appointment for tomorrow? How much is it approximately for an examination at the vet office?
If you have only had him from June: then I would not consider that to be an old hamster so we won’t go there. Hamsters do not eat any less, or sleep any more in the winter if the conditions he is accustomed to remain the same. It may be wise to book him an appointment at the vets. All we can do here is only surmise what his problem may be. You say he loved sunflower seeds: Did you know that an ingestion of a high fat diet (sunflower seed are high in fats,) may be detrimental to his health, because the fats in the seed reduce calcium absorption. A lack of calcium can result in muscle weakness and bone demineralization.
Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin: This is one of the most important vitamins to watch very closely. Particularly with rodents because they no exposure to natural sunlight. Animals that are kept indoors require a dietary source, as vitamin D promotes the body's absorption of calcium, this is important for building strong bones. Adequate Vitamin D levels have long been linked to good bone health. Vitamin D is also crucial to the absorption of dietary calcium and phosphorus. When calcium levels are low in the blood the body responds by dissolving bone as a source of calcium. The biggest bones in the body are the first casualty of this process. A Vitamin D deficiency can also lead to muscular weakness, and wasting, in addition to weak bones, (this can be one of the major causes of hind leg paralysis that is seen in some rodents.) A high fat diet may result in the body’s inability to absorb any dietary vitamin D that’s available to him.
Also, once hamster teeth become too long and overgrown, they can cause problems with eating: making it difficult for him to eat properly.
Best let your vet take a look at him, hope all turns out well.

Hamster Breeder.
My male platy appears to be pregnant?
I got this little guy Gaberiel a week ago. At first, he was just a little plump so I figured he was just a little on the fat side.

But he's grown. He is most definitely a boy, as you can tell by his anal fin in the pictures below.

Could it possibly be that as a male he has gotten pregnant somehow? Is that even possible? What is going on? Gabriel is before, Gabriel2 is after.
You are most likely over feeding the fish, over feeding can also lead to swim bladder problems. Get some shelled peas ( mashed ) and put it in the tank.

You should feed your fish once a day, and some folks skip the seventh day. Over feeding leads to tank problems as well and can invite unwanted guests.
What's so great about a big butt?
I see how people say men like big butts but it doesn't seem so
Everybody seems to be attracted at tight firm plump round butts like Adriana Lima's, Jessica Alba Natalie Portman Jessica Biel etc
I somehow think that big butt would look cheap and fat
i would be embarrassed to have a big butt
It's where the poop and fart comes out
and big butts remind me of anal so i think that's why some men like them
and i don't want that kind of man
i think its a certain type of guys (black men especially) that love a big butt, its just something they like

but i think of a great but as jessica alba. small, NOT flat, but tight. Just like mine =)
Did my platy give birth?
I've had Squash for approx. 4 months and over the last month she really plumped up.I've been researching & yesterday you helped me locate a link to photos of a gravid spot. We checked her but were unable to determine if she did or didn't have the spot. After further research I decided to increase her water temp from 76 to 78. This morning she seems slimmer- still eating well and behaves normally- but she's lost that boxy shape. We have a well planted 36g tank w/ plenty of hiding areas,I'd purchased a breeding net but missed the chance to use it. I see no sign of the fry and understand the likelihood they may have been eaten. Two questions- 1) Is there anything I should do differently in case they are hiding to improve their chances .( we have 12 fish total- platies, guppies, danios,mollies, catfish and a snail) I would normally do a small water change today- should I proceed or wait? 2) Still not sure she was pregnant -as I am a novice and this may sound stupid but she has had a "small white tube" protruding from her anal area for several days- it's not a fry- it's clearly tubular? What is it?
The small white tube is the duct tube through which the embryos pass when they are born, so it seems likely that together with the loss of boxy shape, she did give birth,(Actgually the birth duct is not visible in many female livebearers).With a dozen fish in the tank the babies were probably all eaten. The next time you see a tube protruding or a suggestion of a gravid spot, you should isolate her for a few days. If nothing happens, she may have strange anatomy, but no harm, no gain at worst. There is no way to predict from the gravid spot when she will give birth- say, in 24 hours. It only indicates that it will be a week or less, as some females get very fat on their own without the embryos, so you can't tell precisely.

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