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Is it okay to just peek up a girl's skirt? Is that a wrong thing to do? A peek?
Okay, lately I have been having a slight temptation, every now and then, to look up girls' skirts whenever I can. I'm in college, and recently, I saw this one very attractive girl, sitting across the way of a sidewalk on our campus, a few days pryor to this question message (me on the opposite side of the sidewalk from her; and on BOTH sides of the sidewalk, is a cement ledge to just sit on, while you are waiting for your classes). And anyway, I tried to take a peek up her skirt, which I DID see up, and I know she saw me look away really quickly "just in time" (seriously, she caught me because she saw me, and I saw her at the corner of my eye lol); I guess she knew that I was trying to look. But at first, she might have glanced at me for about 10 seconds or so (as I was acting to "gaze away"). As I observed her at the corner of my eye, I noticed a smirk on her face (not exactly a smile), and then she looked away after that 10 seconds or so. As I noticed her look away from me, I looked back and saw her spread her legs ever so slightly more, probably as to not be so obvious or appear just "easy" or whatever. Anyway, I knew what she was thinking, and she probably thought that I was getting away with her "unnoticing me" (yeah right). But anyway, After that short incident, I actually kind of felt guilty about it. This recent temptation of mine to just take a glance, whenever I seem to get an opportunity to do it, I do try to, but a part of me doesn't feel so right about it sometimes, and I kind of feel a little guilty if I DO get away with looking. But getting to see up a skirt is just a very "pretty view", in my oppinion---getting to see what a woman chooses to wear for undies seems spectacular to see, but is this WRONG at all to just want to see what cute panties you girls choose to wear in a given day? I've seen blue, red, white, and green so far. Beautiful! But even if the girl does not seem to care one bit, is it still WRONG? I don't want to disrespect women at all because I just love women, but would taking a peek for a glimpse of something spectacular for my day at the college campus be wrong?
The question you're asking is a moral one.
And, though most would say morals are clearly defined things, they vary from person to person.
In order to determine if looking up girls' skirts is wrong, ask yourself this; do you feel guilty afterward? If you are going on Y!A and asking random strangers if it is wrong, then for you, it probably is.
Now, in my opinion, it's probably not the nicest thing a guy could do, and it definitely isn't good.
But I wouldn't call it wrong.
Because you're a guy.
It's what guys do.
Girls know this.
Why do you think we wear skirts?
Is it wrong to try to peek up girl's skirt?
I am a college student, and I saw up a few girls' skirts at my local college campus, and they did not even seem to care; and I know each of them saw me. One of those girls even looked right at me, smirked and looked away, as I tried not to be too obvious; she kind of let me look, even though she caught me. Is this wrong to do anyway? I ask because I've heard some people say it "rude", but what if you girls don't even care one bit; Is it still wrong? Or is it ok to try to see your panties?
yes. yes it is. ¬¬ it's rude. oh and all you people? you guys. who think it's okay? you'll never find a girl who actually likes what you do, who doesn't mind. it's disgusting to be quite honest. you're a perv.
Can you come out later in your 20's and realise you're gay?
Since ive been a lad ive always been into girls, fantasised about girls. When i was 8 used to do cheeky things like peeking up girls skirts. Ive always been a bit naughty and just cant get enough of having sex with girls. Recently though ive been going through this tourmentous relationship with a girl for the last two years, it would happen then it wouldn't then it wouldn't she kept turning me down. In turn i started to think perhaps i was gay then bi. Recently the thoughts in my head are so overwhelming and cramping it stops me from thinking about other things. Further more there is a guy i work with who is gay and has taken a shining to me. I feel aware that everything i do might make him want me even more, i feel completely intimidated by him because he is quite full on and i feel very vulnerable in his presence. He's not shy about staring me out and flirting with me. Ive never felt nervous around gay men before i dont know why i do now. I question how i talk, which i never have before. I question how i act/dress. I keep thinking gay men/women come in different shapes and sizes colours creeds, and with different interests perhaps thats me. The confusing part is my little bro recently came out as being bisexual and that triggered my anxiety even more reading about pop stars and people in the public eye who have come out recently too. You read about men coming out later in life etc perhaps that might be me. I mean if i was gay im not worried my friends would accept me. A good friend of mine said she would not be surprised if i came out as being gay in a few years because i was so comfortable with my sexuality as a guy. Then ive been thinking some more aggh! The simple factor is the gay guy in my office pops into my head from time to time but i shudder because im actually not interested it just makes me anxtious. I only get aroused by women and dont really go looking for men...but this cramping feeling within me sometimes is so strong i think i might be turning gay. Its strange but all i want to do is be with this girl that has caused me so much heart ache, becuase she's all i want. But im worried about this anxiety and fear popping up again and again! It just does not seem to be going. I know im not gay but i feel like i am...its weird! All i want to do is getting back to being with girls and for my mind to stop telling me that i might be gay. Often i never think about it then it takes one thing like a good looking guy to walk past or a gay guy to say hello to me and it triggers my anxieties again...Help!!
Take a chill pill and try to unwind a bit!

I think you're pretentious and worry too much over labels. If you mostly are attracted to girls, but you fancy a boy or two, are you full-on gay? Who cares?

Be honest, don't cheat and run-around. If you do have homosex, use a condom, please? Now go live your life and stop worrying so much about what others think of you.

Maybe you get nervous around your office-mate because you are attracted to him?

Be yourself and everything else will fall into place!
Guys and skirts..?
So I was at the mall earlier today...and i'm really curious as to why guys always try to get a peek up a girls skirt? It's not like my skirt was THAT short and all but I caught one of the hot cashiers trying to get a peek! Is that the only thing you guys really think about when you see a girl in a skirt?
Most yes, that is why I wear skirts.
Pics peeking up your skirt on internet?
Have you ever had a pic up your skirt posted on the internet? What did/would you do? Were/would you be embarrassed? There seem to be so many on them out there. Are girls still embarrassed by this or not?
Damn that is hot! Has it ever happened to you?
What is proper etiquette when you can see up a girl's skirt?
I never know what I should do. I usually look away at first because I don't want anyone to think I'm a pervert, but then I always look back because, well, it's not everyday you get a peek up a girl's skirt and I am a guy. Is it harmless to peek as long as I am not sitting there staring and drooling?
Well I as a girl would love to have some HOT guy staring up my skirt. Some may call me a whore, but it's like my natural instinct. It's also a natural instinct for guys to be looking up skirts. But some girls like their privacy. In that situation if you have a friend or something who is a girl you should ask her to please tell that girl about her skirt. Otherwise have your fun by staring.
Why do people think it is fun to lift up my skirt?
I am a crossdresser. One of my favorite outfits is a silk blouse that I wear with a yellow pleated skirt, suntan pantyhose, lacy undies and heels. I love it. But whenever I wear this short skirt to a bar or party, people like to flip it up when I walk by them and take a peek. It is so embarrassing. And it is not just guys who do this me. A number of girls have done the same. I dont think it is funny at all. So why are so many people doing this to me. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes and ruins my makeup. Goodness, why cant people be nice and respect me? Also have any other girls ever faced this same problem?
Any time you advertise, you are going to receive responses. Watch your behavior...the body language you show when you walk. Or buy a longer skirt.

And yes, other "girls" have had this happen. When you frequent places that accept cross dressers and women wearing mini skirts, men (and other women) are going to behave in inappropriate ways by flipping up your skirt or peering down your blouse. Decide what you want from people when you get dressed for a night out.
OMG!!!!!!! i been framed what should i do ?
first of all i'm in a class of 3. I'm a male student and the other 2 are girls and the teachers a guy. its a small class because it's for people who didn't choose to do LOTE so we go into a private class.
Anyway what happened was the teacher told the 2 girls to post up these posters high on the wall. So they both got on a chair to stick it high on the wall. The teacher kept saying "higher higher!!, keep going just a little more". I didn't really know what he was intending to do, but soon i caught him bobbing down and looking up their skirts. And i said "Sir what do you think you're doing!?" and he said nothing......with a smirk on his face. The 2 girls looked at us and asked whats going on. Teacher said that I took a peek up their skirts. I'm like what!!!!, well i did see it but i didn't really mean to. So they both got angry and slapped me on the face, got into trouble and the teacher reported me to the principal and got suspended. I tried to explain what really happened but the teacher got the 2 girls against me so i lost the debate. So i got a week suspension and got punished by my parents badly. What should i do!!! I feel like everyone's against me hardly anyone believes me. I'm worried that the teacher will do to the two girls since I'll no longer be there for them in a week time.

Sorry i had to re-post it cause teacher caught me submitting this and forced me to delete it.
well this is a serious matter because it would be considered to be sexual harrassment for the teacher. If you are telling the truth,you need to write a letter, or email or something to the school and explain in a convincing way. If this doesn't work, and youre still ticked off about being framed and unjustly punished, then you can take it to one of those sexual harrassment hot lines and explain to them or even the police. You are in a pretty complicated situation where if you decide to take things further, it will be an entire law issue.
Important question for guys and girls. mostly guys.?
is it ok that my boyfriend took a peek up my best friends skirt but didnt look away cause he said he was appriciated how pretty she was. and is it ok that he checks her out all the time right infront of me. and what do guys think when they check out girls when they have girlfriends. thanks ahah
I would never do that to my girlfriend. I treat her with the utmost respect, and that just shows bad character.
Of course, I am so madly in love with her. She makes me so happy, and I would never even consider another woman over her.
You gotta find that. Ditch this douche and find someone who really appreciates YOU. Not your friends.
Pantyhose foot massage?
I am going to night club where they have side rooms, where you can openly give and receive massages. I like to hang out in these rooms and give some of the girls long foot massages. The girls that I really enjoy massaging are usually wearing skirts and beige pantyhose and these are the girls that I want to look up their skirt. Would I be offending them if I asked If I could peek up their skirt
i think we can guess which color panty they wear and check if v r right
wht abt u ?

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