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What is the name for a peeing fetish?
What is the like real name for a fetish of getting peed on?
Urolagnia or Urophilia.
There are lots of piss/pee fetish movies,but are there any movis where they focus on peeing on a woman's hair?
Well i am looking for something similar to John Thompson's - 666 series...
But it should have more pee/piss in hair. Thanks.
where are you from? maybe I can help you find what you need, contact me via Email
About having fetish on peeing?
i made searches here and found out that lots of people seem to have the same fetish i have, pee fetish. So I have one specific question. Does anyone have more fetish on pee that's yellow? Cause that's what started the fetish in me when i was a guy. It started with my female cousin who at that time was in their late 20s and i was about 6 or 7. There were times when my cousin would pee in the toilet in front of me, like say, when i'm taking a shower in the bathtub, she'd come in and pee in the toilet, not minding that i was in front of her, unaware that i was slowly starting to develop a pee fetish as i looked at her urine coming out between the toilet seat and her thigh. Then later on I notice that everytime she finishes peeing, she always ends up peeing enough to color the entire toilet water yellow. Her pee was always yellow enough to spread the yellow color throughout the toilet water, and given that she is really good looking, that gave me more pee fetish. Then one night she came to our house to stop by after her work, and the first thing she did was go to the bathroom. So I decided to stand by the doorway of the bathroom to wait for her to finish just to see if the toilet water will be yellow throughout again. I pretended that i had to go to the bathroom too after she finishes, so she doesn't wonder why i'm standing by the doorway. She seemed to have taken forever as she peed, it was just soooooo loooong! I was hoping the toilet water was actually not yellow, i had the fetish so bad that i'd get so aroused if the water turns yellow. So after she finished and got up, to my amazement the water was 3x more yellow than it had been in her previous peeing, so then i got so turned on and aroused. Well since i was just pretending i had to pee, i went to the toilet and peed anyway (anyone of us can pee a little sometime in the day if we let it out). Because of the fetish, I felt like i didn't want the toilet flushed...i don't remember what else happened after that. But yeah, my question to those who have the fetish is that, do you guys have more appreciation for urine because of concentrated yellowness?

A second question for anyone who knows the scientific reason for it, what could be possibly making my cousin's urine yellow the majority of the time she peed? I don't know how she is now, but just during that time in my life, i'm curious how the pee turned out to be in a series of yellow production
there's a certain chemical make-up that causes pee to be yellow. Big deal. My pee is yelloow; but I hazard to say you'd want to hang around to see it afterward.
I don't think it's so much a fetish as it is simple biology for the opposite sex to be turned on by the other's pee, especially during the youthful years.
Peeing that bad?
I'm pretty sure i have an pee fetish for about 2 years now but wasn't sure now I'm 14 almost 15 and I'm pretty sure i do but is that bad? I just feel like in doing doing thing bad liking this. i feel like its wrong to have an pee fetish but i cant help to like it! I it it something i have always loved! ...ugh so lost
Well it's called a fetish for a reason..
I can guarantee that you aren't the only one who finds this hot, alot of others do too.
Are there some teachers out there with a peeing fetish? what happens to students victimised by this?
i once had this casual teacher. i didnt like him much. anyway this guy asked if he could go to the bathroom the the teacher said "no.. i want to watch you suffer" and didn't let him go. he eventually did like 20 minutes later.
do some schools look out for certain classes that have guyren peeing their pants in order to figure out if the teacher has a fetish and it is effecting the students?
has there ever been any reported cases of teachers who never allowed guyren to go to the bathroom when they needed to and lots of guys peed their pants? did the teacher get arrested?
Why do people think that having a poop and pee fetish is weird?
Ever since as young as I can remember, I had always enjoyed poop, pee and watching and hearing cute guys pooping and peeing. I even enjoy watching my own self pee and poop sometimes.Now, how can this be weird? Aren't these natural acts after all?
There's nothing wrong with it. Some people just have a little more trouble accepting more unusual things in another person's personality.
Is it normal for me to have a pee fetish at 14?
Ive had it for about a year now. I know another word is Omorashi (spelling?). I was just wondering if it was normal for me to have a pee fetish at the age of 14, and such an odd one at that.
Golden shower. Hum.. I don't think 14 is to young to have a fetish.
What should i do about my boyfriend's pee fetish?
I recently realized my boyfriend has a pee fetish. its harmless but i'm extremely curious about it. i don't think it would do anything for me as far as turn me on but i want to know why it turns him on and what i should do such as giving in to it or ignoring it like i have been since i think its a bit gross. i do want some opinions before i decide something tho
@Ben, just because he has a fetish, it doesn't mean he is going to treat era era like a sex object. It's actually just him being honest that he has a pee fetish. Since he's already had fantasies about his fetish, he just wants to act on it. This doesn't mean that he only wants to treat her like a sex object, because many fetishists (not just pee fetishists) actually have a romantic side to them just like people who are turned on by more "normal" things.

A pee fetish is actually very common. While I don't have the fetish, I can see what makes people like it. A fetish is caused by a guyhood event or experience. The fetish possibly began when he was a guy and learned that girls and guys are made differently down there, and since at the time he didn't know about sex, he got a curiosity over the difference between the way girls and guys pee. That curiosity eventually manifested itself into a fetish.

There are tons of different versions of a pee fetish: some guys want to pee on their partner, others want to be peed on, some guys want to see their partner wet their pants, others want to drink pee or have their partner drink their pee. It's an extremely broad fetish, so just saying he has a pee fetish is a little vague.

Everyone has their limits when it comes to fetishes. If you are outright disgusted by it, feel free to turn him down, but chances are, that would lead to a lot of sexual frustration for him. Just remember this, though, many relationships between a fetishist and a non-fetishist can actually work out if both partners are willing to figure out how exactly to turn each other on. While his thing for peeing might not do much for you, you can tell him that in exchange of you helping him act on it, he has to do something that turns you on, whatever it is that you like, since it's only fair.
My girlfriend and I have a pee fetish I know that it is common but do you have any more ideas?
We have had this fetish for a little while now and I just wanted to know if anyone out there had any fun ideas maybe creative things we could do w/ pee, or just sex in general...we like generally everything except scat...yuck
Well you should go to the site it's great you could get thousands of ideas there one of the thinks my husband and I enjoy are peeing inside of her and watching it explode. Golden showers are always fun. If you like there is also bathing in it. I'm sure visiting ALT and joining one of the fetish forums you will find something you truly love.
Is it possible my fetish is peeing?
I get hard everytime i pee and i like peeing.....a bit too much. I used to lay down in bathroom on floor and pee all over myself(i was younger) I like peeing way too much still.....
there are thousands of guys with your fetish. as long as you clean up after yourself, you have no worries

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