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Are there any good lesbian erotic movies directed by women?

I'm looking for a good lesbian erotic film directed by a woman,not a man.

Would you have any in mind?


xx Sarah

I'll let you know.
Where can I go to get really good stud lesbian erotic stories?
You know like butch girl stories. Like femme and butch. Stories like that. Thanks!!!
Is it common for LESBIAN GIRLS to have erotic fantasies with cinema/music stars ?
Is it common for lesbian girls to have sexual fantasies with cinema actress or music stars?

And is it common the fantasy of a threesone with 2 girls. How much is it common?, little, half, more than half, almost all ?
the threesome one is so erotic, makes me come every time, girlsx3, with a man to watch
Do you think Homer's "Rosy fingered Dawn" would be a good title for a work of lesbian erotic fiction phrase?
It's intended to be a pun. I don't mind if someone like Sarah Waters borrows this idea
Sure. Sounds like a plan.
LGBT:an EROTIC lesbian movie with a happy ending?10 POINTS!?
LGBT:an erotic lesbian movie with a happy ending?
i've watched:
better than chocolate
saving face
loving annabelle
imagine you and me
gray matters
high art
lost and derilious

but i want to watch a VERY erotic movie with my girlfriend...not porn exactly...erotic but with a good story and a HAPPY ENDING.
"The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love". Besides that, you watched pretty much all the ones I would've suggested, and somebody else named When Night is Falling.

Hmm, when you're done watching the erotic one, you should try 'But I'm A Cheerleader'. It's really funny and sweet, with a happy ending. Not too erotic, though.

**Also, if you'd like to check out a really good tv series, may I suggest Sugar Rush (if you haven't already seen it)?
Can you recommend any erotic lesbian books, or even online lesbian fiction written in Spanish?
Good stuff with eroticism, not boring stuff. Thanks.
Here are two online sites:


(Click on uber if you're not into Xena fanfic)
I like lesbian erotic stories...am i gay?
i enjoy reading erotic stories about lesbians, but thats all. i don't enjoy actuallyl watching porn with lesbians, and i love having sex with men, and ive never been attracted to a woman in that way. is there just a curious side to me or am i gay?
Much of the lesbian erotica is extremely well written - and by women. It comes from the female perspective and is a window into women's desires, wants and needs.

So it is only logical that women would find it stimulating. Women have magnificent imaginations and, in these stories, the woman can chose which role she prefers.

Much of the port is done by men, so it is made to stimulate men and their fantasies. So it is only logical that many women are not turned on by it.

Being turned on by gay erotica or porn does not make one gay. I posit that it means the voyeur has a great imagination.

So, explore away. It will make you better in the bedroom - because you will know what turns you on and what you would like to try.
Does anyone know of a website with good/not so raunchy erotic lesbian stories?
I've been looking around but keep stumbling upon...flat out raunchy ones. lol yeah, i prefer the more soft and sensual themed. thanks in advance!
I visit literotica.com. Some are raunchy. Some, are sensual and soft. It's really hit or miss, though. I can't usually tell until I get into the story.

I do understand, though. It's hard to find something that doesn't sound like a man's fantasy. bleh
Why do erotic movies show women like wives or friends and they start to act lesbian with another women?
but are they totally lesbians or just bi? they have actions with both genders? they look very feminine and when a woman starts with them.. they look innocence.. are they true lesbians or bi? or just they are acting like that for money?
When you become a pornographic actress, you can state your preference. You can either work as a "girl-on-girl" performer or you can be cast as only heterosexual. My understanding is that "girl-on-girl" performers make much more money because these films play to a larger audience. Most men will tell you that "girl-on-girl" action is why they mostly rent pornographic movies. It plays out to their fantasies.

The more innocent a performer looks, the more excited people become. It's all part of a fantasy. The same way as when these same performers dress up in different costumes. They are playing/panning for the camera. It's all in a day's work.

When asking about lesbians or bi people. That's the person's preference. Some actor/actresses are straight, some are gay, and some are bi.

Have a lovely rest of the evening.

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