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Make your latin hot babe pick?
Shakira, Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek, Penélope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Roselyn Sánchez, Thalia, Paulina Rubio or any other.

Who's hottest and why???
Where do Latin Women go out in Atlanta, GA?
There are many Latin women in Atlanta.... however you never see them out in town - there has to be a restaurant or bar in the Atlanta Metro area where the beautiful latin babes hang out...
There is a huge hispanic community in Doraville, Buford and Gwinnett area. So if you go there you will definitely find beautiful latin babes.

Good luck.
In the moving Training Day, what does Denzel Washington's character yell to the Latin ladies on the street?
He shouts at the good-looking Latin babes. What is it in Spanish, and what does it mean in English? Is this something I can say to the Latin hotties in my neighborhood?
Can any one recommend a stuning Cancun escort?
I'm a male single planing to hire a female escort for my first trip to Cancun.
I wish a real stuning latin babe.
Do any one have an experience to share with me?
There is no doubt:

Alix !

Extraordinarily beautiful. But what I remember the most is her care and her tenderness, without any comparison.
She has very good manners, well educated and very polite.
She is a doctor student, paying college.
We have walked together along Chichen-Itza and Tulum ruins, have had dinner out several times, have sailed a little and swum in the sea.
I have known wonderful places thanks to her.

You must type Alix Cancun in any search engine and you will find her for sure.
In baseball are Latin American players treated better than African American Americans by whites?
A-Rod admitted to steroid use and even though Aaron was clean he was given death threats when he was chasing Babe Ruth record.

It also seems now that A-Rod will be more likely than Bonds to get in as a hall of fame player even though both are suspected of steroid use and A-Rod used it earlier in his career (25-26) than what Bonds was suspected to have use it (35-38).
Aaron may have been attacked by a few racist idiots but he is FAR more respected than A-Rod will ever be.This has nothing to do with race. It is about A-Rod's use of PEDs and also the way he carries himself. Aaron is a total class act and is loved by almost all fans.

Both Bonds and Rodriguez are disliked by most people for similar reasons. I think you are mistaken in your assumption that A-Rod will have an easy time getting into the Hall of Fame. The reasons for keeping A-Rod and Bonds out are almost identical.If they let one of those 2 in they pretty much have to let them both in.
Where should I go to find a non-western woman?
All of the Asian & Latin babes I've met were actually born and raised here in the West which makes them Western in my book. So where do you guys go to find hot non-Western women? Give a sister some tips and help her out.
You could try the East. If that doesn't work out for you there's always the North and/or the South.
How can a latin boy get an american girlfriend ?
i'd like to have many american girls as friends and if they want we can have a good relationship.....i'd sing to them in spanish and you could teach me english babe......
Money, Pesos, Dollars,
Where and when did pig latin originate?
My 7 year old asked me this question this morning! Out of the mouth of babes, right?!?
I did a google and found an interesting site that gives some explanation on the history of pig latin. I was surprised to see that Shakespeare referenced it in "Love's Labor Lost", calling it "false Latine", giving it its first "official" name. In the 18th century it was called "dog Latin" then "dog Greek".
In 1844, Edgar Allen Poe used the term "pig Greek".
Then, 1866 saw the term "hog-Latin."

Read the article at:…
Latin phrases...please help?
Question! what are some Latin "nick names". like here in America, we can girls "shawty, Babe, sweety, honey..."and so on... so what do latinos say? for a boy and a girl.
do u mean like in spanish?? if not ..o well...

well i guess here are some in spanish:
for a girl:
mi amor

for a boy:
mi amor

and there's more but i can't rembember at this time.
Are Latin guys just as bad as the rest of the guys when you say NO?
I know when you reject a CDN / American guy they are sometimes kool about it and RESPECT you but more often then not they flip out and make it like it's Your fault you did not want to go out with them and then they call you a whore.. skank..*****..- you know just because you did not want to have sex or relations with them they call you the complete opposite of the actions you took.....-

anyway are Latin guys that same way?

there is this guy--->
that bug me, i am married he knows i am married i have never ever ever gave off the impression that i want relations with him but every single time i see him with my husband with me h puts on a show "Sir. Mr. "to my hubby.. the when i am alone he feels obligated to confess his affection towards me ( even in front of people) and now i've said no i LOVE my husband a few Hundred times now.... i've never gotten close to the guy nothing in my actions that say "he babe i want you"

what do i need to exactly say to this guy to have him stop thinking that i will freely fall into lust with him? what can i say to make him KNOW he is not the answer to my prayers?

its ok once or twice to have a man / boy compliment you but when he is non-stop it makes me feel uncomfortable and makes me think he thinks i'm a stupid cheap gringa. when i have told him plainly that i am married.. happily married! he refuses to believe it...( he does this all in a flirty manner and trys to be kool hes not rough or mean but i can see it going there if i reject him the wrong way... with him getting all defensive and BS like that)

i need to put him in his place kindly that does not embarrass him HIM in front of his Friends or kill his ego so bad that get I labeled the bad person Even-though it is not my fault in the first place! i hate being hated for not dating some one ( went though that in high school)

my husband is not to worried because men do proclaim my beauty' in front of him and yes my hubbie is a good boxer a Minor altercation would be no issue,, if i came to that.But my husband dose not and has no done these sorts of things to women so he is respectful.. and also he is a man and can put himself in my shoes like so many other men just can't figure it out..

any way WTF do i need to say to this guy to F---k OFF nicely?
Don't generalize. Latin guys are the ones whose first language comes from Latin (French, Italians, Spanish, Romanians,etc...)!!

You can talk about them in that general way you do.

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