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Indian movies?
I love to watch indian movies but not sure where to rent them. does anyone know where i could go to rent india movies or buy them? i live in south orange county.
to download :
to watch for Free :
this is it!!!
Gooooooood Luck
Indian Movies???
What are some good websites to watch Indian movies online? Not American Indian movies but southeast Asia Indian movies??? I've tried looking but can't seem to find any reliable sites.
best website to watch indian movies is this website has best quality and released movies comes on this web only withing 4 days.
Indian movies?
Why does the whole world think of Indian films as only musicals and love stories??? Thats not true! When India produces quality films like Dharm, Eklavya, Taare Zameen Par, Chak De India, Omkara, Dor, Lagaan, (And many south Indian films), how come they don't become as popular as the stupid boy meets girls, formulaic type films?? This is something I never understood. The country makes many great thought provoking films, but they aren't publicized as much and therefor people think that all Indian movies are the same...Films that deserve recognition dont get any, while pathetic films get too much recognition.
May be better sub titling would help.
What are some good recent indian movies with large dance scenes and good music and in hindi?
The last indian movie I watched was probably Kal Ho Naa Ho. I liked the movie, the dance scenes were good and the music was good also.

I want to know what some good recent movies with large dance scenes and good, fast music are. I don't really like slow songs, so movies with too many slow songs, I don't care for.

om shanti om
What are good Indian Movies to help learn to understand their accent?
I am Chinese so my English is not the best but I am working with people who have a strong Indian English accent. I can only understand about 20% of what they are saying.

Are there any good Indian Movies in English that I can watch to help me learn to understand them better?
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How to watch indian movies for free online?
My dad is wondering if there is a site where new indian movies can be watched for free.
Just switch to ok take care.
Does anyone have recommendations for some good indian movies to watch?
I have just recently gotten into watching indian movies and I happen to like them only problem is I want to watch more but I am not sure of which ones are good and which ones are not. Im a fan of love stories but I don't mind other types of movies. Thanks.
Bride and Prejudice is hilarious and romantic. Based off of Pride and Prejudice but updated with an indian twist. It's an amazing good movie and the beautiful colours, upbeat songs, and dancing sequences make this movie excellent for Bollywood veterans and those new to the genre.
What other indian movies are out there that are similar to the movie "vivah"?
I love the traditional indian movies compared to the more modern ones. My only problem is that I don't know which movies out there are like vivah. I really enjoy love stories including the singing. Any suggestions on good movies to watch???
i love the film Vivah too...Um, you could try watching

Dil Ka Rishta

Jab We Met

Dil Hai Tumhara

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaiyengeh


They are great lopve stories with really nice love songs. Have fun watching!

How come Indian movies are so popular?
I mean I've seen English serials and movies and Indian comes second on the list.They named their film industry bollywood like hollywood.Is it true that thier movies are watched all over the world?
Well Indian movies are watched by many ppl around the world........ppl frm differebt culture and language find Indian flicks very entertaining .......i believe they hve become so popular b’coz of the glamour n’ glitz, the peppy song numbers...n’ the beautiful locations they choose to shoot the song scenes.......but lately most of the Bollywood movies lack the reality factor’s more into fantasy than reality!!.......but I think thts what we Indian movie buffs really look out as an outstanding the factor in our grab a DVD of a latest relese and enjoy it......!
What is so different about slum-dog Millionaire than any other indian movies around slums?
Well Indian movie directors too have made movies in past around slumdog.The plot is almost same rags to riches.
The difference is that in India, dogs are considered filthy and disgusting animals, so the comparison to dogs - in any way - is seen as being highly offensive.

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