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What's the difference between your first straight kiss and your first gay kiss?
Is there any difference ? :P (Im a guy btw)
Do gay couples kiss better?
Sorry if this sounds ignorant, but I really want my first gay kiss, maybe under the stars lol i'm a romantic xD
gay kiss are cool, it's so romantic and innocent, far different from a straight couple kissing which are normal
it feels good and warm
How to have a gay kiss in class without others noticing?
How do I steal a gay kiss with another 15 year old during school without others knowing?
if ur in different classes or the same have one of u ask to go to the bathroom and the other get a drink then go into a stair and kiss!
I want my first gay kiss? What age did you all have your first kiss?
Hi im 17 male and have kissed a few girls but nothing more, i think im gay. how can i get my first kiss discreetly without friends or family finding out? any advice?
find a good friend, or a guy who's gay, of course, and go out. im out to everyone but my parents, and ill be 16 soon. i had my first relationship in December and my first kiss in October. it helps if you go somewhere you wont be seen, like to the movies in a neighboring town? or maybe even to your 'friends' house. hope this helps(:
if you need anymore help you could email me if ya wanna.
When was the first gay kiss shown on tv?
I am writing a paper on gays and lesbians on television and was curious when was the first gay kiss between to men? Also when was the first time two men were shown in bed together?
I think the first on-screen gay kiss was in a movie called Wings, made in 1927. The scene is very sweet and innocent.
How different between gay kiss and man kiss?
If a guy kisses a woman, how can she know that the guy is man or gay?
Well, she can know if he's a man if he has male reproduction organs... But that doesn't mean he isn't gay. Your wording isn't exactly the best... Now, how can she know if he is gay or straight, on the other hand... Well, she never really could know, especially by a kiss. Chances are, if the man is kissing the woman, he's either straight or bisexual. This isn't always accurate though, as he could be gay and in denial, or just posing. So, really, she can never really know. Even if she asks him, he could always lie...
How,when and where was your first gay kiss?
I really want to know how you people found other gay people and kissed them.
Please tell me how it went and if you want leave some detail ;)
Did you ever have any gay relations with friends?
Thank You! ( I am gay myself )
I was 18 and met a girl at work who had much the same interests. We started going out of an evening and would just exchange an ordinary peck on the cheek as we said good night. One night it became really serious and Gweneth said we should discuss the way we were going. We decided to see how things would go.Eventually we bought a house and were together for 42 years. Sadly she died of cancer.
Rose P.
Are gay men allowed to kiss in public?
I saw a couple of gays kissing in the street outside a bar. I've got nothing against you gays, and think it is fine for you to be doing stuff like that in private, but I think it is inappropriate when other people could see it. Some people might think it is gross, and there might be guyren watching.
So are gays actually allowed to kiss in public like that, or are there laws against it?
Yes it is allowed, but my own opinion is that I hate to see any sexuality snogging in public, straight/gay/etc, a greeting kiss is okay, but it makes me feel embarrassed if they are a bit 'ott'
What was your first gay kiss like?
What was your first romantic gay kiss that you had. How old were you. Where did it happen? Did you like it?
Mine was with my current bf, the first date we went on we went to the movies and we both agreed after we went home that we wanted to kiss eachother but we didn't dare, we was both scared then the next date he stayed over at my house and we was laid on my bed watching a moive and then we looked into eachothers eyes and boom...we kissed, it was amazing, it was so exiting, he was shaking and so was I, then i cuddled him and we kissed some more and the rest is history ;), even now i kiss him i still get butterfiles and the best kiss i had was when he pinned me up against the wall and held my hands up and made out with me, i will never forget that day...or night lol :D
Why is it okay for a straight couple to kiss in public, but not a gay couple?
I don't kiss my boyfriend in public. We pash at home all the time, but only at home. I think kissing in public is just gross, and should be done privately. But anyway, that is not really irrelevant to my question.

My question is, why is it okay for a straight couple to kiss in public, but when I see gay couples kiss, people say rude things? Double standard.
People don't know how to put them selves in other shoes these days, thats why there's a huge lack of empathy.
I didnt realize they could show a gay kiss on nickelodeon?
drake and josh used to be on nickelodeon, not teen nick and in one episode they kiss... who else finds it a bit weird that they wont show ads and stuff where gay people kiss and loads of people got pissed off at adam lambert after his kiss at the amas at 11 at night.
yeah true it is weird. maybe because they were brothers they figured it would be less weird, but it's just creepier.

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