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Black People: Have you realized that EDUCATION is the key to everything?
I am speaking to my fellow Blacks (Black people). Ask yourself, what can we do to be better people? For us to do better, these things have to happen. If I could enact laws for a society, these will be my laws for all races.

These are the solutions that I would love to see ripen in Black people.

1. We need to not have any sex until marriage (this way we can encourage a strong relationship where father’s stay in their guy’s lives)
2. Father’s need to stay in their family's lives. (No sex with anyone that isn’t your wife so that you don’t get tempted to leave your wife).
3. Below the Lord, EDUCATION must reign supreme in Black Families
4. When guyren come home from school, make them do HW and if they finish, start on next week’s assignment
5. Guyren need to only be able to watch TV for one hour on the weekend.
6. Anytime guyren are not praying, spending time with the family, at school or church, they need to be reading or studying
7. Parents need to encourage guyren from an early age to appreciate academics and guyren need to be respectively exposed
8. Instill discipline in our guyren’s lives: Make guyren understand the importance of following the Lord’s 10 commandments
9. All Black people should dress proper all the time (nothing cheap, ghetto, revealing; classy only)
10. Learn to speak with proper grammar (there’s no such thing as “how is you doing)?"
11. Destroy all music and DVD’s that portray gangster violence, sex and drugs (our guyren do not need to listen to this)
12. Eat right (especially a lot of vegetables) so that our bodies will be good all over
13. Parents should not let their guyren/teens work (employment) they need to be studying (good grades = excellent employment later)
14. Parents should put school-aged guyren in prepatory programs (college prep, etc.) during the summers and weekends
15. Discourage bad grades from our guys (C’s are never good, A- is okay but could be better)
17. Get guyren to bed at a reasonable hour.
18. Gangster Rap music hurts us. We need more black classical artists.
19. Don't spend money you don't have. Borrowing for education is fine because education in something that appreciates in value, however, mostly everything else depriciates in value (Plasma TVs, XBOXs, all the iPhones that keep spawning, and electronics in general). Why suffer paying for a house you cannot afford when you can save up to obtain the home of your dreams that you are able to afford.
20. Become home owners (but adhere to rule 19.)
21. Don't buy your guys toys for Christmas, get them books. They ask for a video game system, get them an encyclopedia system. Some toys however are good but there should not be a majority of toys under the Christmas tree.
22. Act respectful, presentable and proper at all times.

Feel free to add any more as you see fit.
I am Black and there are a lot of factors at play in what you have described. A lot of it has to do with broken family structures and lack of community support. The key isn't preaching to people what they have to do, but reaching out to them, providing them with support and love, and showing them the way.

If you are interested in projects like this, you should get involved with the NAACP or your local church and effect change. I would also recommend you read Switch by the Heath brothers to learn more about the dynamics of change and how to make them happen.
I can give 5 good reasons why America (USA) is the worst nation in the world to live, can you list more?
1. America has a history of racism, America murdered 16 million Native Americans and Enslaved Millions of Blacks.
2. America Bombed 40 nations since ww2, America invaded so many countries, in order for there own political gain. America has always seem as the bully of the world except from 1941-1945 and 1997-2001
3 America forced Millions of its youth, to murder people in foreign lands. 125,000 men in the 60s and 70s have escaped to canada, Sweden , uk, in order to escape slavery, and gained freedom in wonderful countries such as canada, Sweden, and he UK.
4. America has the highest prison population in the world, Its laws are so stupid, and they are always looking people up. Most counties have the freedom to do what america does not have, that is why its the highest prison population.
5. America sends 17 year olds to jail for 10 years for consensual relations with a 15yr old, and makes them register as sex offenders for the rest of there lives. Many 17-19 yr olds have committed suicide after being harassed and given no rights for being on the offender list, and for having consenting relations with people just 1 year younger then them. No other country in the world does this.
Many teen sex offenders have also escaped to canada and other free countries, for a chance of a better life.
6. okay 1 more i cant resist, America has the highest murder rate in any other country in the world, everybody, especially republicans, especially from the southern states are so quick to judge, and most believe anybody that disagrees with them should be shot. America has good technology, but every country in the world has a better culture and better civilized people.

The only good thing about america, is when they take care of its people thru social security, unemployment, food stamps, etc
Here is my list:

1. Obama
Ok, no t Shirt, but do you think Marcus Dixon was/is being treated unfairly?
Marcus Dixon a young black man who was an A student in high school, a member of the National Honor Society, one of the best football players in the nation, who scored above 1200 on his Sat and had signed a letter of intent to attend Vanderbilt University as a student Athlete in the truest sense of the word, now is in prison for ten years because he had consensual sex with a white girl, also a teen. Marcus who had just turned 18 was charged with guy abuse.
Do you think the Lousiana State Supreme court should overturn the conviction and set him free?
And yes, I think it would be wrong if Marcus were white. Sorry I cannot get my picture to work, but I am white. And I believe it is wrong to throw away young lives regardless of race or color.
I have seen this story its a shame and outright wrong done by the citizens.
Yes,it should be overturned.No ands if buts
It really makes me mad because in the state of fla you can get three felnies and still be walking outside doing everyday things and this man has been kept in prison everyone eneds to sign petition.He has been wronged.
Our justice system and lawyers are out of wack ...needs to be redone totally its all scheme money making adventure.
There are no rights or wrongs?look at oj walking wehn he murdered his wife
sarah you need to go back to school
How can you bring guys up to be tollerant of others whilst letting them mix with intollerant religions?
How can you bring guys up to be tollerant of others whilst letting them mix with intollerant religions?

ie tkae christinaity and islam... they hate and ill treat girls, gays, lesbains, pol dancers, nuditst, couples living together, unmarried sexaully active teen girls and young women, whnt to hurt those needing euthanasia, hurt girls needing abortions (and its their fault the girl needs one as stifleed sex ed and free condom machiens in high schools)

Its kinda like saying you want to bring you guy up to be open adn tollerant of nazis and jews in WW2 and black folk and KKK members.

if supporting the nazis and kkk cultures into lyching and gassing how can you be nice to the jews and balck folk getting persecuted?

Ie you can be tollerant of allwhen some dont tollerate and abuse others
As an outsider looking inside (atheist evaluating religions) I often wonder why people who are overall descent, kind people belong to organizations that institutionalize homophobia, sexism, racism or classicism. Lately I find myself wondering this in particular relation to the Catholic Church, the Vatican's disgusting reaction to the pedophilia cases against priests and the Roman Catholics I know. It's just mind-boggling for me: "how can you respect and support leadership that has covered and permitted something so awful?" is constantly in my head.

However, I then remember that overall it is hard to teach and act ethically and wisely considering the times we're living. Religion or no religion, making the right call and conducting yourself in a humane, descent way is a challenge and for some people religious teachings of people like Jesus or Muhammad are the best codes of conduct to imitate. This in theory has nothing to do with religion. If people admire Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha or whoever and they want to learn from their teachings there is no reason to say that this is unethical or irresponsible.

Organized religion is an expansion of their basic teachings. Some aspects of religion are completely rotten as you rightly point out. However, good, intelligent people who happen to be religious hold on to the basic, core values of their Gods, prophets or teachers, and take the entire package of indoctrination and supersition in order to remain loyal to them. Remember that in order to keep an organization religious leaders fill the people's minds with fear and promises that have nothing to do with Jesus' or Muhammad's ethics. It is very hard to let go of that fear.

I don't have guyren but if I had to teach someone to be tolerant of religion this is what I would say: 1) Be tolerant and accepting of people with their virtues and their flaws. 2) There are 2 types of religious people: sincere, dedicated people who seek to improve the world and find truth in faith and lazy, moral and narrow minded jerks, because these 2 groups exist in every faith and every religion, we must show a respectful degree of tolerance for the sake of those who are wise and ethical members of Christianity or Islam. 3) It is not up to you to decide what part of religion is nice and valid and censor what is uncomfrotable for you. As an outsider to the religion you have no say on things that don't affect you, so if a Muslim woman wants to wear hijab or a Christian woman is acceptingly treated like a whore for her sexuality, let it fly because you don't rule over other people's judgement, even if it's bad judgement. 4) Violence, crimes and hatred are what they are no matter how people cover them. Sometimes violence and acts of hatred are committed in the name of a country, of a God, of a racial group, a social class or a gender but ultimately, acts that harm human dignity and life are wrong and disgusting. Religion, politics or nationality are secondary terms when people's lives are in danger. So, when a woman is stonned to death in the name of Islam or some Christian group actively tries to censor LGBT people and their civil rights, there is no "if" or "but", these things are wrong and disgusting, they should be judged and punished each and every time. Where I live Christian groups often stage anti-Gay and pro-war events where the racism and hatred is quite evident. I don't care if these people are Christian, Muslim, atheists or worshippers of Zeus, they are wrong and I condemn their actions.
I found an 1981-82 interview that relates to today's world. Is it interesting?
I was just reading this old magazine (late 81-early 82) about this radio DJ who talks about the dangers of the world; social issues and things that I thought relates to todays issues. I used to think things were a lot better but it was a little worst.

Introduction: Lonnie Lyles, 1981's promising star

CHILD ABORTION: "Somebody threw a baby in a garbage can, how do you throw a baby in the garbage can? I think guy abortion is murder."

TEEN PREGNACY: I was reading the newspaper the other morning, and it said that a 29 year old woman was carrying her grandbaby. 29!!!!! You hear me? 29.

That's why a lot of these young teenage girls are getting pregnant because there's no parent in the household. The parents are gone all the time, and the teen gets bored and wants sex.

ROCK MUSIC: A lot of people would hear rock & roll and think it's a white boy thing. But really, we (blacks) created rock music. We used to call it jungle music. If there was no black people, there will be no Elvis. We created rock & roll....Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Little Richard....and we never won an grammy for it. Ain't that something?

WORLD IMPROVEMENT: Change doesn't always mean improvement. They say "No justice, no peace" That means its time to call for action if you dont give us what we want.

It was almost 30 years ago when this guy did this interview. My question is...Is it interesting, str8 forward and honest? and does it still relate to today's world?

Please feel free to answer
That's quite interesting and some valid points there. He may be wrong in the music industry as the blacks were not entirely responsible for "Rock 'n' Roll" but had a great deal to do with it. The rest of what the DJ was saying still applies. In 81-82 I had just left the Ontario College of Art and I remember those days quite clearly.
Things have changed but they remain the same.
Revise my rough draft?
Impact of Media On Society

Each and every day, many people interact with media of many different forms. It is becoming a very important aspect of today’s society. Media is usually defined as being a channel of communication. Radio, newspapers, television, and the internet are some of the many examples of media. Since many people use media very frequently, I assume that it has a big impact on society. According to the text book Media Now, “media effects are changes in knowledge, attitude, or behavior that results from exposure to the mass media.” This paper will look at how the effects of media affect society and the main affects on today’s society- violence, prejudice, and sexual behavior.
Violent images on television, movies, and violent song lyrics, have inspired people to rape, steal, murder, and commit numerous other shootings and assaults. Over 1,000 case studies have proven that media violence can have negative affects on guyren as well. It increases aggressive and anti-social behavior, makes them less sensitive to violence and to victims of violence, and it increases their appetite for more violence in entertainment and in real life.
The psychological effects of prejudice can be devastating and last for generations. For example, when black slaves were freed, no one would hire black males and they weren’t allowed in schools in the South. That set them up for poverty, ignorance, and poor quality of life because of the depression that comes with poverty. It tears down self- esteem and people don’t feel confident or worthy. This is very dangerous in my opinion, because they can pass that attitude on to their guyren and it will continue.
Sex is another big impact, because sex is everywhere. Studies show that the more sexual content guys listen to and watch, the earlier they are to likely have sex themselves. In fact, teens report that their main source of information about sex, dating, and sexual health comes from what they see and hear in the media. It is not just movies and television. Music, video games, and the internet are also filled with sexually explicit, degrading messages that can shape guys’ attitudes about sex.
In conclusion, violence, prejudice, and sexual behavior in media have a big impact on society. Although, parents can not always monitor their guys, they should at least talk to them and make sure they know what is appropriate and inappropriate.
Yes, right away, sir! Just hold your breath.
The REAL best songs of all time tourament?
Sorry for the confusion earlier. Something happened andd I got logged off so... here it is.

Bracket 1:
1)Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin vs. 16)Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
2)Layla - Eric Clapton vs. 15)I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones
3)God Save the Queen - Sex Pistols vs. 14) In Bloom - Nirvana
4.Wipeout - The Surfaris vs 13. Somebody to Love - Queen
5.Fairies Wear Boots - Black Sabbath vs 12.Slow Ride - Foghat
6.Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen vs 11.Paint it Black - Rolling Stones
7.Blitzkreig Bop - The Ramones vs 10.Paradise City - Guns N Roses
8.Anarchy in the UK - Sex Pistols vs 9.Purple Rain - Prince

Bracket 2:
1.Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana vs 16.Carry on Wayward Son - Kansas
2.Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd vs 15.We Are the Champions - Queen
3.Sunshine of Your Love - Cream vs 14.Man in the Box - Alice in Chains
4.Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix vs 13.Baba O'Riley - The Who
5.Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd vs 12.I Wanna Hold Your Hand - The Beatles
wl edit w/ rest
I Wanna Be Sedated
God Save the Queen
Somebody to Love
Faeries wear boots
Bohemian Rhapsody
Blitzkrieg Bop
Anarchy in the UK

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Free Bird
Man in the Box
Purple Haze
Another brick in the Wall
Schools out
Immigrant Song
Welcome to the Jungle
Over Controlling Mother?
I grew up with a very controlling mother paranoid mother. Growing up I was never allowed to do anything. I was never allowed to learn to swim because she said that "the white people at the rec center would drown me because i was black". When she was not trying to control my every move she was accussing me of having sex. Once when i was ten years old she made me take a pregnancy test because my period was a day late. She said she knew it was late because she would count the number of days before it was suppose to start.She dragged me to the store yelled at me demanding to know who i was sleeping with. I was ten i barely knew what sex was nevermind knowing how to even have sex. I peed on the stick and of course it said that at ten years old i was not pregnant. I still get teary eyed when I think of how i had to pee on a stick while my mom yelled at me saying i was having sex when i wasn't.I was not allowed to wear tampons until i was 21 because she said that if i wore tampons I would start having sex. As i got older instead of her loosening up she got even more paranoid and controlling. As a teen i was not allowed to go to the movies with any friends,go over to any friends house,I was not allowed to have anyone over to my house,and i was not allowed to go to the mall with my friends. I most certainly was not allowed to date even when i was 18. When i started college i communted. Those were the worst parts of college. I was STILL not allowed to go anywhere and do anything. My college was holding a pool party and she said i couldn't go because the lord revealed that there was danger. She once found my vibrator and threw it out saying that masturbation was a sin. She went on to say she found it because the Lord revealed to her that i was sticking foriegn objects in me (feel free to laugh everyone else does when they hear this). Finally sophmore yr I was allowed to attend a halloween party because she wanted me to see partying was not fun. I came back from the party and told her i had a good time and this just sent her on a rampage. She screamed about how if i wanted to "party" i needed to live on campus. So I moved on campus and met a guy and we got engaged. She started to accuse me and him of having sex and said "if you are having sex with each other you need to stop it RIGHT NOW!" I was 24 yrs old at the time. We weren't having sex but it most certainly wasn't any of her business. Senior year of college she found out i smoked cigarretts because i she saw a ciggarett butt in my trash can in my room at home. She calls my college apt at 6 in the morning screaming at me about smoking ciggaretts and "forbid" me to smoke again. I still don't know how to drive on the interstate because she refused to teach me how.I was never a troublesome guy,I stayed out of trouble,I dont drink and the worse thing i ever did was smoke a ciggarett(ohhhh im a bad *** lol) and I am now 26 yrs old in the process of moving out to get away from her but I am still curious what the hell makes someone so controlling and paranoid?
..... learn to respect your mother,

you can do anything you like, who cares.
Would you not like to thank my computer, as you read this one now ?

A few lives of noble prize winners,
If one reads, it will surprise you and me,
How they had hankered with ambition,
So they may be in the list of nomination.

Some could make love to any girl,
Even at fifty they could any one unfurl.
Also just out of her teen make merry,
In asylum place them like a strawberry.

Another writer so famous of his day,
Could in sex only indulge in simple play.
With his spouse’s hair, remove pins and rest,
Some foreplay of his time, at America’s best.

Pulitzer and Nobel Prize awardees,
Could not free their minds of negativity,
Some committed suicide in the family tradition,
As for no one they had any need for rendition.

A black litterateur of his time predicted,
That all form of colour will be eliminated.
Black and white will live side by side,
When both Blacks and Whites, together ride.

So be it, as it is coming so honestly true,
This world is now a single spot for me and you.
Hopefully change will come that much faster,
When both of us of this poem, actually master.
I would like to thank you. Nice words' flow, interesting story!
What do you think of this plot? (& character name suggestions)?
So this is my plot..

A girls father died when she was 14. She is now 16 and being abused by her mothers boyfriend. She works up the nerve to tell her mum but her mum doesn't belive her. She says that the girl is just lying to get rid of her boyfriend because she doesn't like the idea of her mother with another man who is not her father.

The girl is devastated that her mum doesn't belive her and as a result she runs away. She takes her acoustic guitar, skateboard and a holdall of clothes. A few days later she falls in with a group of three girls who are also homeless/runaways. The girl starts buskin for money to eat, two of her new friends sometimes have sex with men for money. The girl is really sad, broken, emo-esque/grunge and she has come to find herself hating men.

One day while shes buskin it starts raining, so she goes to find a dry place to wait out the rain. She's walking down a street, sees a boy outside a house putting out the trash. He looks concerned for her but she just gets on her skateboard and slowly rolls down the street. He runs after her and asks her if shes okay. Her hair is greasy, here mascara has smudged due to the rain and her clothes are dirty. He knows she is homeless.

Over the next two weeks they become close and he tries to convince her to go home. She doesn't tell him why she ran away, she just says that she has no home anymore. He starts to fall for her and she knows this. She would just not talk to him anymore but he lets her have showers and helps her with food and things. Then she feels herself falling for him too, a thought which she really hates. He tries to kiss her, she falls out with him, calling him all sorts and tell him she hates him.

She goes to stay in the next town so she won't have to see the boy. She tries to convince her fellow homeless friends but they are getting enough money to live and don't see the point of going no where else. The boy wonders why the girl hates him and is guttered when he doesn't see her in her usual homeless spots. However, he sees one of the girls who tells him why the girl ran away in the first place and where she has gone. He goes to find her and when he does they both confess their love.

What do you think? Any suggestions for twists or anything?
Character names
The main girl - She will have black hair which will be just past her shoulders and blue eyes. She likes to be/feel free, she likes to think she's independent but really isn't, she can bare grudges, she is friendly, generous and can be impulsive.
I'll include a picture because i know it's easier:……

Main boy - He sees the best in people and is caring. He can be too trusting, rebellious and gets into trouble for disobeying his parents a lot. He can get hot headed and be dramatic. He will have dirty blond hair and green eyes. He will be 18/19.…

Your plot sounds very nice! :D
I think the girl's name should be something like Poppy? or Libby, short for Elizabeth? or Lottie short for Charlotte? I think Poppy fits it best thought. :)

As for the guy, I find Ian to be a very masculine, but friendly name. Either Ian or Daniel, Dan for short. :) Personally, I like Ian better.

I also think that you should add something else as a twist. Like she shouldn't freak out over a kiss. Instead, they should end up sleeping together and in the morning, he's not there, because he has to go to work, and she thinks that he just used her. She goes out to find him and sees him talking to another girl at work (maybe this girl could be someone that really likes him and so she kisses him but before he could push her away, and the main girl could see him push her away, the main girl leaves?) The main guy doesn't find her for a week. Then he finally finds her and explains himself. They have this big argument, where she doesn't believe him, but he's trying to prove his innocence, and she collapses. He takes her to the hospital and finds out that she's pregnant. That's where they confess their love for each other. A couple months later, when her stomach is big from the pregnancy, he proposes to her. She accepts and they get married after the baby is born.

Some other plot twists could be that her mother and her boyfriend find her and demand that she gets an abortion (this is before her stomach is big enough) but she rebels and tries to run away again, this time with the main guy.

Or, you could make the main guy also like music, so he plays a song for her, and that's when she really starts to fall in love with him.

And they could be like traveling singers, and that's where they get their start, and soon become wealthy enough to support themselves and their upcoming newborn baby.

What do you think? :D e-mail me back if you accept this idea, please! :D I would like to know if I helped. :)

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