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Why are black women so sexual and erotic compared to other types of women?
Why are they so sensuous, fertile, and combative?
Most dont have any morals? LMFAO what the fudge, is this 1745?

Did you forget black women are just white women with brown skin?
Any glamorous erotic websites dedicated to black women (think met art)?
I asked this before and i seem to not find any :/
Black Planet my friend. That is a very good one.
Interracial erotic stories with black women?
Where can I find them online?
Google it. There should be a lot of them. Or go buy those ghetto books they sell on the street.
Do Black women like giving black guys hickies?
Like white men, I here black men say that black women like putting red marks all over thier bodies too. One black friend of mine said his girlfriend has a fetish of putting hickes all over his body and whenever I see him. His neck has full of them...his girlfriend says she like seeing red marks on black men too and she also spanks him. Wow

He says he loves it, so are alot of black women like this toward black men? Are they always this erotic?
Oh yes baby! I love sucking on some chocolate too and caramel. My man loves it when I'm on top sucking on him licking and sucking on his nipples, neck, chest, back I mean everywhere and you know what I mean when I say everywhere (wink).

I also love turning him over licking my hand and spanking him. I pull his hair (afro), tie him up, bite him.....oh I can't wait too see my baby tonight! Umm yeah black women are exotic and erotic...that's a good thing right?! lol.
Why do other races of men (especially white men) recognize black women in...?
Instead of respecting their human dignity, they cite them as HOT and SEXY contrary to PRETTY, ATTRACTIVE or BEAUTIFUL. Why do they refer to black women in erotic terms(Hot and Sexy are provocative) but use modest and decent terms (Pretty and Beautiful are attributes to women's femininity and grace) for their own race of women? This is regardless of the black individual. If the girl/women is feminine, intelligent and a modest dresser to those men [of a different race] she is called sexy. Now take another lady of another race who has the same characteristics and is equally attractive, those men will respect and label this women "Beautiful or Pretty". The was the black women automatically associated with "sexy", why not pretty and/or beautiful?

Also, why do some other races of men look at black women as erotically attractive, but not some other women as this? Why do they refer to black women as erotic terms(Hot and Sexy) but not modest and graceful terms? Men do you do this?
Black women aren't hot and sexy they're nasty. Happy?
Are Asian women erotic, exotic, neurotic, or some combination of adjectives which I haven't yet considered?
I have a thing for Asian girls. I have had as many serious relationships with them as white girls/ a black girl combined. Hispanic girls are too far out of my reach as they have too many relatives to protect them. Plus, I don't have enough game or a cool car.

On a lighter note, Jordana Brewster is on the cover of Maxim magazine this month. Hooray! = D
Are you white? I notice most white guys that are into asian girls are the loser type that gets rejected by white girls all the time.
I watched a erotic sex based film when i was younger but cant remember what its called can anyone help?
it is not a porno just an erotic film the only scene i remember is this women who is seeing this bloke (i think he might be dead im not sure) is tied down to a bed blindfolded and then he gets a naked black women to play with the white women who is tied down on the bed, then the black women removes the blindfold and he goes crazy ... or something along those lines? any help??
Hi there.
That is the Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke movie "9 and a half weeks".
That scene is very near the end of the movie.
Cheers, Steve.
Why do black men love to have s*ex with white women?
Is the light skin against the dark skin that makes it erotic?

Is it the subtle tabooness?

Is it that white women are softer?

or other?
White women are better looking, smell better, less hairy etc lol. Except the big fat hogs then he just wants to try a new race

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