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Ok to teenage girls with muscles do muscular girls like buff guys?
i am 14 and i am very muscular do muscular girl like buff guys
Uhh, dude, ALL girls like muscular guys, I'm sure muscular girls are no exception. I'm captain of my varsity LAX team, we work out/practice 5 days a week at least, so we're all pretty strong. While I prefer a strong guy, it's not a requirement, as long as they're healthy/fit.
Do teenage girls(18ish) really care if a guy is like really buff?
Like I'm pretty tall but i'm like a "Chuff" hahaha a chubbyish Buff like I'm not really fat but i'm not super tone.
My last boyfriend was a little chubby but he had a strong chest and arms. I thought he was very attractive just the way he was. I'm eighteen-ish and I don't really care, no.
Do girls like buff guys or really buff guys?
so i was wondering if girls (teenage) like men with enough muscle to protect there girlfriend....? or be reaaaally muscular???
Girls like to show off their bfs so muscles are good. Though too many muscles can be weird. it can lead a girl to think the guy is so worried about how manly he looks and that he doesn't have time for them. Protection good Macho man freaky.
For the true movie buff... Whats that guys name?
From a somewhat recent movie for teens/college students:
There is an administrator, perhaps a teacher or counselor in a teenage movie who has a shiny shaved head but a full black beard. He was a little on the flaky side. I cant remember any other details about the movie, but this guy was quite memorable.
This guy?


If so the movie is She's the man. Its a soccer movie. The guy is David Cross. He was the principle.
What would you do if you saw a teenage boy making out with a adult woman?
The guy is a buff good looking guy in his mid teens & the woman is a pretty woman in her 30s.
How would you react if you saw them making out?
True love can happen whatever the age gap. Some married people are 20+ years apart. Most probably not though!

I've known of people who are in the 25-30 range dating under 18s and then getting married when they were old enough.
Why do I like to be shirtless outside?
Ever since I was a teenage guy, every time I ride my bike, or walk around outdoors where there are other people around, I love to take my shirt off. I just love having other people see my body. I don't have a perfect body, and I'm not a gym buff or anything, but I'm not fat either (just normal). Its great to see other guys shirtless when I'm not wearing a shirt either. Do any other guys enjoy doing this?
This has nothing to do with the reason I drive down roads that go along jogging paths. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
Are there any teenage girls with muscle on yahoo answers?
i am a 14 yea old i a m pretty muscular as you can see my abs do muscular girl like buff guys
I maybe athletic and pretty muscular that is a little to much there guy
Any good exercise suggestions for guys 14 and up?
I'm trying to get a little bit buff, but it's really hard to do the exercises that I want to do because I'm always busy with school, and being in high school makes it even HARDER! I'm not fat, but I think I'm just a little too thin in my arms and legs. And I have sort of a flabby stomach, which is probably like that from the weight I lost. I'm wanting to do exercises that give me buffer biceps, chest, and stomach muscles. I know that I'm a little young, but I just wanna get in a little better shape. Does anyone know of any good workouts for teenage guys that work you chest muscles, biceps, and abbs?


-Tyler K
Your pretty much like me hahaha. I'm 14 too and I used to have a potbelly with stick arms and legs. I was underweight too!
All I did was just go to a gym but you dont have to , all I did was do cardio one day where I ran, did stationary bike and stretches to strengthen my muscles. The next day was weights where I ran on a treadmill for 20 minutes then did 5 sets of 15 slow push ups. after I did that I did 3 sets of dumbbell hammer curls with proper form and did 12-15 reps with 8 pounders. I know 8 pounders is way light but it is actually heavy when you do the RIGHT FORM. This is how a hammer curl looks like www.bodybuilding.com/fun/exercise…
You just need to keep your elbow at your side though, the diagram is wrong.

**Here are some chest, bicep and ab articles**



Triceps (TRICEPS ARE 2/3 OF THE ARM!! don't overlook it!!!!):


Here is an article to work out your whole body and food tips:

god this took a while xD good luck btw.
My brother has the most perverted best friend?
Hi all,

This problem has been nagging me since I was 15. I'm 17 now. My stepbrother, Jason, (14), has the nastiest best friend. They've been together since 2nd grade, and they are literally almost like brothers. (Let's call his best friend Greg.)

I never had a problem with Greg when he was young, and came over to our house with my stepbrother when they were both little. But since Greg turned fifteen, he's been obsessively stalking me, in my own home.

I'll provide a few examples, just to name a few.

1. I'm on a travel soccer team, and after I got back late one night after playing in Georgia, I grabbed my bags and ran up to my room, about to take a quick shower, then head to bed. Greg was staying the night with my brother then, since it was Saturday, so as I was standing at my dresser, grabbing some clothes about to go to my bathroom, I hear Greg coming down the hall. I thought he was going to go get something from the kitchen, because my bedroom is right off it, on the first floor. Instead, he comes into my room, shuts the door, and pulls down my soccer shorts! I screamed, but he still managed to yank down my shorts and panties. He ran out the door then, and I tried to tell my mom about it, but she said Greg probably accidentally pulled down my shorts! I was furious, and she still doesn't belive me.

2. My brother is on his school wrestling team that Greg's a part of, so they're all pretty buff guys. So one night, my brother was celebrating some Homecoming party, with a pretty big group of guys and girls. I was in my room, and I was about to go out to one of my friends' house, so I could chill for a while, so I didn't have to be part of my brother's crazy party. (My parents weren't home.) I went into my bathroom to put on some makeup and stuff, and as I came back, I caught Greg in my room, stuffing some of my bras and panties in his wrestling bag. I was horrified, and he threw back what he was holding in his hand back into my drawers. He actually had the nerve to smirk at me, and then as he walked out past me, he put his hand on my breast!

Now this is the worst one.

I was just taking a shower after soccer practice, and I didn't think anyone else was home except my brother and me, so I was pretty calm. Little did I know, my brother had texted Greg, and a few of his other friends, to come over to play some video games while I was showering, so I was TOTALLY blown apart when Greg popped the lock on my bathroom door, ripped open the shower curtain, and was RECORDING ME NAKED on his camer phone in the shower. I screamed for real, and my brother and his other friends came running down the hall, and at least three to four other teenage guys, who attend my high school, saw me naked. Greg then sent the naked picture of me to all his friends, who still tease me about it.

I'm scared of Greg, because he's a big guy. I've told my parents that Greg keeps stalking me and does inappropriate things, but since they've known him since he was a little guy, they don't believe he's a bad guy at all. Greg's dad serves in the military, and his mom is always gone on some business trip or whatever, so that's why Greg comes over to our house all the time. I'm afraid Greg is going to try something worse next time.

I agree with the person who said tell the school counselor, really what he's doing to you is sexual harrassment and it's not funny and it's definetly not ok
About how much does it cost to repaint a 1998 Dodge Ram the same color?
Roughly estimated obviously. I want to repaint my truck because it was used as a work car by the guy I got it from and now I'm just going to use it as a regular teenage guy car. There are quite a few scratches (nothing huge) especially along the top edges of the bed. I do want a quality job done well.

BTW I'm going to try buffing them out first but just in case.
for a quality job 2000-2500 just make sure they use a quality basecoat clearcoat system on it

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