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To the punks of the internet?
here's my question. i love punk rock, i love the music i love the message i love the energy but at the same time i have to ask, if punk continues to be so anti money how do we expect the scene to progress?don'tt get me wrong i love the hidden gems of punk that are so underground you have to search the deepest parts of the internet for bands like the restarts, the Chernobyl babies, moral dilemma, and the brutal dildos. however id like it even more if every angry 16 year old could be exposed to these brilliant musicians. but the only way to do that is to stop telling bands that economically supporting themselves is a bad thing. i understand that money corrupts and that if your message is anti cooperate then you should not buy into that system you say you oppose. however i ask is this logic worth preventing music that could have such a profound and positive influence on society worth it? great bands can only produce a few albums now because they cannot support themselves anymore. so how does good and original punk grow without selling out or starving
By going public, I think you've lost the definition of being a punk band then. I mean it would annoy me to listen to a band thats all 'down with corporations' while being signed to one. Although there are times I still can't stop myself for example Against me'Baby I'm an Anarchist'. I know they've sold out yet I can't stop listening to it.
Back to your question, I think all you can do is try to stick to your principles. Take Oi Polloi, one of the biggest punk bands out there, they never ask for anything more than tickets for flights and a place to stay (and some vegan food!) and yet their albums are pretty widespread. True they find it difficult sometimes to produce albums, but I think therefore it is up to the punk community to buy these albums, buy their t-shirts and merch to ensure its still all as DIY as possible. There are bands who want to be rich, let them do that but I think you cannot be of the true punk spirit and be on MTV. its like saying in order to fight racism, I'll join the KKK or something equally stupid. I see your point though, but buying into the system is not the way to go. Play as many gigs as you can, spread the word, keep the scene alive, hopefully you'll get more people who will listen, buy albums and therefore help these bands grow.
And honestly, if an angry 16 year old starts off with the stuff the see on tv, they tend to want more, so they look up bands and usually you find the scene. I wasn't always into punk, I started off with System of a Down, but then you keep experimenting with new bands, you find out about The Restarts, Leftover Crack, and well the rest is history!!

p.s. I know its strange I'm following you on yahoo answers, but I saw you were a fellow a punk fan and I thought hey, you don't see that often!
Gf of 4 years talks behind my back. Who's at fault?
I've been dating this girl for 4 years, I told her before we dated I look at porn once in a while but soon into our relationship it was a big problem. After months of fighting I gave in And said I wouldn't, but I do and I don't want to have to lie, I love her. Sometimes I am horny though and can't help it. She FREAKS out and fights for weeks!! I am not allowed out with friends without her and she doesn't go out much but she has gone to the bar the odd time without me. I want trust I haven't gotten it since day one even though I was open about everything! I did screw up once talking with girls online one month and exchanging naughty pics. She caught me and turned into a BIG thing obviously.. I felt horrible and swore I would never do that again and I haven't (that was in the earlier part of our relationship) I said if it's something she can't get over which is understandable that we should end it because there's no point in continuing a relationship with no trust. But to this day, years later there is still no trust and I still have to lie about porn even though I've told her that I am not going to stop, reasure her that I love her but sometimes I just want to watch it. And when we argue she says brutal things like I have a small dick (which is almost 7" and thick) which is becoming more frequently said now and she doesn't want sex much anymore, so I don't know if she means it. She use to talk about her ex being huge and thick as a shamPoo bottle and she really gets off when we use her big dildo (which is fine I like it) I always do foreplay make sure she's done before I am. Obv it hurts when she says stuff like that and I sometimes Say brutal stuff back. Now I read she says to her friends she doesnt go out cuz im jealous (which is fair if i cant) and plans of moving out and everyone thiNks she's Crzy for staying with me! I confronted her to be open if she wants to leave and she says she loves me,just goin thru hard time right now. Which we are job and money wise.
Why are you in this relationship? She doesn't like porn, she wants to control your social life, she talks behind your back, she degrades you or insults you? Really does this relationship even agree with you? Not ruling out the things you have done to wrong her.

When a relationship is that unhealthy, when does one actually call it quits?
Have you watched any of the following videos? 2girls1cup, 1guy1jar, 3guys1hammer, or 2guys1sandbox?
have you seen any of them? which do you think is the most disturbing?

to give summaries:

2girls1cup: a girl poops in a cup, both girls eat it and smear it on each other, then they take turns throwing up in the cup, drinking it, and throwing up in each others mouths.

1guy1jar: a guy sits on a jar and shoves it up his butt, it breaks inside of him, and you see blood come dripping out.

3guys1hammer: this one shows the brutal murder of a man. he was beaten by hammers and stabbed by screwdrivers (i'm putting my vote as this is the most disturbing. mainly because an innocent guy was murdered... he wasn't a dumbass shoving a jar up his butt)

2guys1sandbox: starts off like a regular porno. then the girl takes a dildo and shoves it into the guys dick which then starts to split into half

i haven't seen any of these.. i don't intend on watching them either. but just curious as to how many people actually have seen them.
I've seen 2 girls 1 cup. But holy crap? Theres more?! im not sure i'll survive....

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