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I would like a teen bra how do i tell my mum?
All my friends wear them , its so imbarrasing im the only one who dosn't wear a training bra or a normal bra. Its just so imbarrasing.
Tell your mom exactly what you just said...she will understand! Remember your mom cant read your mind so when you feel this way about anything, just talk to her!
How do you fit your pre teen for a bra?
Do you take them in for a regular bra fitting or just guess?
I would take her to Target, Wal-Mart, or one of your favorite department stores. At the first two, go to the girl's underwear department, pick some styles she likes in a few different sizes (to be sure) and go to the fitting rooms. At a department store, ask a lady in the intimates department which department you should be looking in (it varies by store) and once there, proceed to do the same. If you go somewhere to get a fitting, you may accidentally embarrass your daughter by inviting a stranger to see her chest at such an insecure time in her life.
Is there a place that gives teen bra fittings?
I'm 14, got like barely anything in the chest region, and was hoping if there was a place out there that might give me some bra fitting tips. i'm too old for the girls section, because they're never long enough, but too small for the juinors appearal. help!
Victoria's Secret pretty much has bras for all sizes, but JCPenney also has a new line of bras for "Almost" sizes. (eg. inbetween none and A, A and B, etc...)
Where can I find a good teen girls bra? ----girls only plz----?
Ross has ok bra's, but some are lacy and have super thick pads!
I just want a thin padded bra, thats 15 bucks and under, and is not from Victoria's secret.

I'm a sz 32 B.

Thanks so much!
kohls has great bras for cheap so many cute styles and not very padded they have a sale now that they are 3 for $9 can't beat that!!!!!!
Where do i buy a teen sport bra!?
I have tried numerous bras and 30aa's were ridiculously large on me, but im not that small and need a real bra. Where can i buy a sports bra that actually has coverage and support for teens.
Here's a good list of bra brands - it does not say which ones are specifically for sports, dance etc. but you can click links and see.
Whats the normal bra size for a teen?
I don't want any perv answers, just whats the normal bra size or a 1 3 year old whos been on her period a year?
when you are 13 usually it is either A or B
Is a picture of a young teen a bra or in underwear illegal?
i've heard this question asked, is it illegal for a person to view or search of a picture of an age person in a bra or in underwear, where the picture is nonsexual
No. In fact there are websites with VERY young girls in bikinis and such that are clearly sexual in nature. And apparently their parents are the ones making money off ot it. Saw it on 60 minutes or one of those shows.
32a bra, teen and adults?
Is a 32a bra for teens the same size as for an adult? I heard they are larger, but what does a 32a teen equals in an adult size?
A 32A is a 32A no matter what. It doesn't matter if it is in the "teen" section or the "adult" section.
What are bra sizes for pre teen?
I need a real bra i just wear the sport ones so i need to know a good bra size for pre teens help please. really depends on the size of ur breast..and we dont know guest a tranning bra or a AA or A cup
Is a push-up bra good for a teen aged 13 and the size of her breasts is 32?
but a push-up bra has pads, right? how will that be?,, will her breasts will look bigger with pads? but her purpose for wearing that is just for support. not to look bigger.
push up is good. looks good too.
id say for support, you need to be fitted to the correct size bra. and you can choose medium or firm support.

depends how much boob you wana show, for good support bras enclose the breast, push up bras leave the upper most breast exposed.
so it depends on what you are wearing to choose the bra type that will suit the outfit, and the amount of cleavage or breast you want to show.

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