black women white men
Chloe gets the black and white treatment

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Chloe gets the black and white treatment
black women white men
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Do you feel that white men married to black women will eventually surpass white women and black men?
It seems like alot of black women are growing tired of black men and are beginning to look elsewhere.

Black women are also on avgerage more educated thatn black men and graduate from college at 2x the rate of black men.

For the most part, black women hae never really been attracted to white men, but recently that seems to be changing.

Do you think that black women/ white men couples will surpass the reverse?
I don't know for sure but maybe. The world is changing and it's a commonly held belief that black women are not attracted to white men and maybe vice versa but I think that is a direct result of lack of exposure, absorption of stereotypes and old ideas that haven't been updated.

The idea that black men all want white women is a very old one that has been circulated for hundreds of years; therefore, it's an accepted part of the socialization process. White men being keen on black women is not though there is far more empirical evidence to support that notion historically than the former i.e. most American blacks have European blood not because of a bm/ww union because of wm being with bw. I'm not making a comparison between black women and prostitutes but if one looks at the history of prostitution in Louisiana, the ones who drew the most white customers weren't white women, they were ones with black blood.

I think women in the younger generations - people born after the late 70's - have different ideas about dating. I think they are slowly but surely being exposed to more white men in close settings where they really get to know them and vice versa. I think the women are acutely aware that the numbers are not in their favor in terms of finding quality black men for marriage and they will start looking elsewhere in larger numbers. More white men are getting to know black women and finding that they are not all the caricatures they've been made out to be and are more likely to ask them out than they were just ten years ago.

Of course, white men aren't the only men in the world and just because bw decide not to wait around for a bm doesn't mean they'll turn to whites. I read something about black women and Somoans the other day and, of course, there are always Latino's.
Why are white men-black women marriages so successful?
I read that ironically, these marriages are overall, more successful than black men-black women, white men-white women and black men-white women. It's ironic because the other three types of marriage are greater in number.

By proportion, white men-black women marriages last longer than the other three.
because they LOVE each other like most couples who get married......
Why more White women marry Black than black women white men?
Sociologically thinking why does this happen? why more white women marry black men, than black women marry white men? it is a question i have to answer in my sociology class
Because there are more ww/bm couples?

Another reason, I think, is that, traditionally, black women tend to date black men and don't usually date outside their race whereas black men are not so bound by this societal constraint.

It goes back to this being a male-dominated society. Men typically do what they want without much backlash from society. Women, not so much. We get called h** if we sleep around, yet men are called pimps and whatnot. Things like that. And, especially in the black community where many black men view white men as their nemesis, black women are expected not to date white men.

I personally get more grief from black men because of my husband. Black women and white women compliment me on how handsome he is. White men compliment my husband about me. That's as far as it goes.

So, yea, I think it has something to do with that, along with the fact that there are more black men dating white women than white men dating black women.
What are black men/white women couples the most controversial?
There are various interracial relationships combinations, but for some reason bm/ww is still controversial (from the comments I've seen on YouTube). White men, some white women, and black women especially do not like seeing black men and white women together.

Of all the interracial combinations, why are bm/wf couples the most controversial of all?
From my opinion, I think it has alot more to do with white male traditionalist who are use to the old way of black men not even being able to look at a white women let alone court her, because of racist ideologies. Even given the fact that white women and black males have been intermixing for centuries.

And black women that feel like they have to compete with white females for potential black men to be there mates. Which in fact its more of society dilemmas that they have to compete with as far as potential partners.
Why is it when I ask a question about black women - white men I get more positive answers from people?
But when I ask a question about black men and white women negative comments come flying from everywhere.
You can do that with any white man scenario. The world still favors them. White men and chinese women versus the opposite would have the same effect. White men with any race of women would bring less animosity than the other way around. We all know the answer why, even if we don't want to admit it to ourselves.
Why are black men/white women couples the most controversial?
There are various interracial relationships combinations, but for some reason bm/ww is still controversial (from the comments I've seen on YouTube). White men, some white women, and black women especially do not like seeing black men and white women together.

Of all the interracial combinations, why are bm/wf couples the most controversial of all?
I have no idea about black men and whit woman, but in the Mexican community its looked down on if you marry a black person not so much if you marry a white person. When i was a guy in the 1990's woman who had intercourse with an African male were called "negreras" and it was so horrible no one(hispanic) would date you after that.

At the end it all comes down to ignorance and racism

I asked my husband why he didnt date or marry an African American female and he said its because they are too loud and just out there to put it nicely, so i am guessing that also adds to why interracial relationships not being okay from the black perspective.
How did the historical dominance of White men over Black men/women affect the relationships of Blacks?
As far as dominance of the man over the woman. Historically Black men have never had much control over Black women, and White men have had more. White men have even had a lot of control over Black men themselves in the United States. In a country/society where the mainstream always promoted men being superior to women, how did this affect how Black people saw each other in relationships??
It is shown that in American history black men are more likely to be family oriented thus decreases the chances of sexism. This is because in slavery one of the things that white men did to keep blacks from rebelling was to threaten his family. A black man didn't rebel against his "master" because the master would threaten to kill his wife and guyren. This developed much more strong bonds within the black community than in the white community.
Why does the media/society only displays interracial relationships between Black Men & White Women only?
Black Women - Asian Men
White Men - Latina women
White Women - Latino Men
vice versa etc

I don't see see those type of interracials being promoted by the media even though these kinds of interracials are existent!

Why is it only Black Men - White Women?
It's a stereotypical interracial pairing. The hard honest fact, is that, the overwhelming majority of black men------don't even think about white women in a romantic sense. Ditto for the Black woman's view of the white male. I agree though, they should increase interracial relationship diversity in the media, it makes for a refreshing image.
Why do you think that more Black men/ White women get married over White men/ Black women?
I see both of them dating all the time, I would have to say when it comes to dating, they're equal yet there's a huge gap between Black men/White women and White men/ Black women. They're are 4 times more black man white woman marriages than white man / black woman marriages. Even though they date equally.
White men like to date, Latin women and Asian women. That's why you don't see him dating that many black women.
Why do the racist black and white men disprespect women...?
On Yahoo answers racist black men are so disrespectful to white WOMEN and racist white men are disrespectful to black WOMEN. You men are the definition of pigs. Do you think that makes you look cool when you disrespect a woman? Men are suppose to respect women period, no matter there race.
I agree with you.

©, black women white men