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How to turn red stripes white on my red and black striped shirt?
I have a red and black striped shirt. I would like to turn it into a black and white striped shirt. Is there a way i can get the red out of the stripes without affecting the black and make it a black and white striped shirt? Thank you.
No. It is not possible.
Is a Zebra white with black stripes? Or is it black with white stripes?
I just wanna know if a zebra is white with black stripes. Or if it's black with white stripes.
The Zebra is black with white stripes.
I saw an orangy rattle snake with black and white stripes right before its rattles. What kind is it?
I was at Daley Ranch in Escondido California. The snake was very big for a rattle snake in my opinion. The black stripes were in the area right before his/her rattles. There was about 4 or 5 inches of black and white stripes.I've never seen or heard of a snake like this and I want to know about it.
This little fella??? I hope you left him alone. As menacing as they are, they're still living things and should be respected.
What color is a zebra... Is it black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
What color is a zebra... Is it black with white stripes or white with black stripes? A lot of people think it's white with black stripes and a lot of people think it's black with white stripes I'm just not shire it's ok I you don't know it's ok but I was thinking it probably just has two colors but I might be wrong
Well please reply... Thank you.  
They are white when born, develop stripes later...
What is the name of a bird who is small like a sparrow & has black & white stripes covering his head?
Today I saw a bird that is small like a sparrow & has black & white stripes covering his head.The rest of the body is brown. It lives in northern nevada. I want to know the name of the bird I saw?
It sounds like a White-crowned Sparrow. They are cool looking birds!Here is a link to a photo for you:…
Is a zebra black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
i think its black with white stripes but im not really sure!
White with black stripes.
If you look at the chest, belly, hind end, and between legs you can see that the black stripes taper off.
Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
This has bugged me for years!!!!! I believe that they are black with white stripes but my friend tells me they are white with black stripes.
White with black stripes. I say this because on their stomach they are white.
Why did the Germans put black and white stripes on their tank barrels (Mainly the Tiger Ausf. G series)?
I know we painted the white and black stripes on our C47's during the Normandy jumps so they could be recognized by friendly forces when they flew across the English Channel. But why did the Axis forces do this to their Tigers? I have only seen a few examples of this, but was just wondering.
Each stripe represented a certain number of "Kills"---Knocking out other enemy tanks, that that particular Tiger tank/crew had made.

This was not a wide spread common practice among Tiger Tank crews, but it did happen. Micheal Wittman, who is known as the "Tank Ace of Aces" had over 141 confirmed "Tank Kills" and over 132 anti-tank gun kills. The whole length of the 88mm barrel on his Tiger had "Kills" stripes.

The majority of photos where one sees these stripes on the Barrel of the .88mm, is usually that of Wittman's Tiger. A few other German "Tank Aces" also used these stripes, but not many.

There is also a few pictures of Pzkfw IV, Pzkfw V and Stugs, that had "kills" rings painted on the barrels of the 75mm guns also. But still, it was not a common practice.
Is a zebra black with white stripes, or white with black stripes in your opinion?
In my opinion black with white stripes.
a zebra is the nastiest, stinkiest, filthiest animal at the zoo
Why are roads black with white stripes?
All roads are the same does this mean countries have copied of each other?

Why not yellow with black stripes or white with black stripes, there would be more light at night. Just think when snow falls and besides the ice that comes with it you can see better. Makes sense to me.
The black is a result of the petrolium pruducts used when creating ashfalt (road cover) and as you probably know - white stripes are for traffic lanes in you direction - and yellow is for traffic comming against you - i.e. traffic devider.
But I like the idea - yellow would be cewl -

©, black and white stripes