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Whats a good asian movie with lots of nudity?
Just thought I'd ask this question.
Lust, Caution
Five Senses of Eros
Is nudity allowed for 2 people who know eachother in private chat on Yahoo messenger in any Asian country?
Sorry if the question is a little vague,I was just wondering if nudity,limited to the upper part of a girl's body is allowed on webcam,restricted to use for 2 people who know eachother.
Technically it has to be assumed that software is available to be able to view and record web cams. It would be a random hit unless someone knew your IP address. I always maximize my security by only allowing the other party on my 'Permission to View' list during a private session.
This would prevent other contacts who may be on your list innocently forcing your cam at an inconvenient moment.
Messenger > Preferences > Webcam :-
Check box - "Always allow the following people to view my webcam"
Insert name
Check box "Ignore other requests"
Click Apply
Click OK

Finally, keep the box open on your desktop from the menu on your webcam frame menu > Webcam > Who's watching me ?

I am sorry, I do not know know the legal implications of intimate webcam chats in Asian countries.
Where can I find an asian cam model to pay?
I have a dating website and I have plenty of girls but I need more guys, and the website is almost an "adult theme". I need to find asian looking girls who I can pay to make short 2 minute videos for me on cam to promote my dating site. I dont want nudity, but someone sexy in bikini/thong. Where would you go about finding someone like this? Craigslist hasnt worked. Is there somewhere specifically where you can hire cam models or bid on them?
Hire a modeling agency or go to some clubs and talk to some strippers.
If you really do have a dating website, you should have some connections to find some willing girls.

If not, you need to make some connections in the adult industry. $$$
Talk to photographers, scouts, editors of adult classified magazines.

It's not about what you know, it's about who you know.
Any suggestions for good boyxboy Asian dramas or movies?
I recently watched the short Korean film "Boy Meets Boy." I was wondering if anybody knew of any other good boyxboy Asian dramas or movies? I'm young, so please suggest videos that are PG-13 rated or lower - as in, no sex or explicit nudity. Kissing is fine (and wanted!). Also, I'd prefer to watch one with cute boys, if possible! Thanks!
These can be found on those asian sites that anyone can look at so they're bound to be pg-13.

Princess princess D - drama (even if the name makes you think of girls, its about 4 guys in an all boys boarding school who have to dress as girls as girls arent allowed in the school)
RH plus - drama
Antique - drama (the korean movie Antique bakery is based on it)
Like Grains of Sand - movie
Moon guy - movie

Antique bakery - movie
The king and the clown - movie
No regret - drama
Bungee Jumping of Their Own - movie
A frozen flower - movie (this is on youtube but I think there are some scenes)

Eternal summer - movie
Why some people and country dislike nudity or nude pictures?
In some countries especially in asian countries they dislike nudity or nude photos. But when we look at the their culture like classical paintings of thousands of years old, sculptures they all arethough not entirely but partially nude like females exposed breasts, men in very short clothes. But in many cases females are shown completely nude.
There is a difference between nude and naked. Nude is a state of undress with no uncomfotable overtone. Naked on the hand, is to be deprived of clothes with the subject emotionally embarrassed. Nudity is part of life in some subarban asian cities that lacks basic inrastructure and where the society deem accepatable. Naked is not a part of life where the society does not deem it accepatble.
Do you think British people's attitude to nudity is silly or unnecessarily prudish?
I'm thinking mainly of people's reactions to non-sexual nudity, not about attitudes to pornography or glamour photography, although the latter may well be relevant. How does it fit in?

And are British people very different from other Europeans? How about from Americans, Australasians, Asians and Africans?

If so, why do you think this is?

What are your own attitudes? Do you think you're too prudish yourself? Where are you from?

British and Europeans in general are very liberal when it comes to nudity (and to porn or glamour modelling for that matter - you wouldn't see a page3 model in a US paper!)

We don't even bother to apply the law. When someone streaks on a cricket pitch, they generally go unpunished or get a small fine for encroaching on the playing field, but rarely one for exposure.

Nudity is not sexual. Millions of people around the world live their lives naked for most of the time, and in fact are suspicious of people wearing clothes. They may have something to hide, or be physically different, or feel they are superior.

Everyone should try going to a nudist beach sometime, and reconnecting with nature.
How much are asian actors paid?
i have been watching various asian movies for the past few days and i noticed a lot of asian movies contain nudity and explict sex scenes. so i was wondering how much do these actors get paid for these nude scenes because i know our a- list american actors get paid alot for barely there scenes . i am of course talking about big asian stars in respectable movies not pornography
Never mind what there paid.

Asian horror movies information?
generally asian horror flicks r good with some or no nudity but my friend says no they have so much nudity.r there any movies asian horror that have nudity as my friend said
There are a few but not the more popular ones...

Guinea Pig (1985)
Guts of a Virgin 3 (1998)
Inugami (2001)
The Seventh Curse (1986)

These are just a few. You can do a google search for ["asian horrors" nudity] to find more.

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