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How long does it take to start feeling pleasure in anal sex?
Well ive never had anal, just toys, but they never really felt pleasureable to me. It doesnt hurt at all and ive pretty much gotten used to it but i just dont feel pleasure :( so im thinking maybe it has to be in you for a little while to feel good?? idk what do you think?
Anal is not compulsory in a relationship - some like it others don't - its that simple really P&P :-)
Why do guys like receiving anal sex or some kind of anal pleasure even though they are straight?
A lot of people but mostly men have been asking and telling me...

"I'm 100% straight but when even my gf sticks her fingers in my a** or plays with my a** it feels really good. And I want her to keep doing it, but is that a good thing or should i be worried that I might be turning gay or bi." So can you help me help them.
Two words: prostate stimulation.

Males have a very sensitive gland called the prostate right above the rectum. Anal penetration pressures on the prostate and it feels great. Girls don't have prostates so don't be surprised when they say they don't give a hoot for anal sex.

Personally I think we males are ALL bi since anal penetration feels so darn good. I'm openly bi, so there. But if you want to call yourself straight, be my guest.
How possible Anal pleasure?
I have discussed with my girl friend to do anal sex and she is interested. Can anybody tell me the tips and tricks to give her orgasm through anal sex. Is it possible?
Not sure if chicks can have a orgasm from getting f**k in the as* it does trigger a u need 2 finger her pus** while giving her anal if u can. rubbing her body whatever real get her going...but i never been with a chick who had a orgasm just from having somthing solve in there butt...unless that kind of stuff really turn chicks on
Why do some men get pleasure from anal sex and others don't?
I just don't get it. For me it hurts and I get no pleasure out of it.
Anal sex is not compulsory - many do not like it P&P :-)
Can Woman Feel Pleasure During Anal Sex?
When two men have anal sex they feel ectasy when their partner hit's their prostate, but women don't have a prostate so can they feel pleasure during anal sex?
I am looking for something i can use for anal pleasure?
hi, im mark :)

Im looking for ... Anal pleasure obviously...
But i cant find anything to use...
What can i do with house hold items i would have?
Im under age so i cant go out and buy anything really... a didlo xD
What can i use? something that would be in a house
But very durable... ;)
Since you're age you will not be getting any answers or advice here. Before you go doing some damage to yourself, you should talk to one of your parents. Yes, it will be embarrassing but not as bad as explaining during the emergency room visit. Don't rush things, you have a long life ahead of you.
Why do women get sexual pleasure when getting anal sex?
Whenever I get my girlfriend to give me anal with her strap on it feels really good! Why is this? I don't rub or anything. I'm in the doggy position with both hands firmly on the bed/floor. What is this?
This possibility of pressing the inner wall, thus stimulating the inside V.

* we also feel the same way...
Do women get significant pleasure from anal sex?
If so, how much? Is it similar to sensation produced by the male prostate?
Any answers would be much appreciated.
No they do not! Many pornographic movies try to make people believe that women enjoy this sick and perverse act but the truth is that they don't. It is unnatural and dangerous and women cannot not enjoy it although there are some men on here pretending to be women who lie and claim that they do. All this emphasis on enjoyment in the sexual act is itself misleading and confusing. It has a purpose and that purpose can never be fulfilled by sodomy. Enjoyment or pleasure is unimportant and irrelevant.

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