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Can anybody tell the groups, blogs or sites having adult and other video clips in 'wmv' format ?
The WMV type is easy to run and has good quality for viewing.
Check if the site bellow helps you…
Would you like to join a free adult site not like the rest?
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there are actually a lot of free adult webcam chatrooms out there where you can find new people for video chatting...
some sites like chatroulette and omegle connect you one-2-one with other users.
Other sites (like chatforfree) are webcam chatrooms where you can take part in a public conversation before deciding to go private with other users.
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I came across an adult site on google,now its in my permanent address bar;2weeks later.I didnt type it
I was using google to find video blogs. I was looking for humorous videos. I came across a celebrity nude site and clicked on the link. I clicked the back button and went on my search. Two weeks later it showed up in my permenant address bar without me ever typing it in. No one believes I didnt type it in. This is the second time this has happened with a porn site. It has only happened with these two perticular adult web sites. I also have no virus or pop up protection. How can this happen? Help clear my name.
Did you try clearing your browsing history/cookies/cache? It's usually under Tools/Options.
Gang initiations Q. *adult*?
Hey guys, I found this outside of my door after some one rung the door bell.
There was also an adult male video tape. \Anyways, I'm a pretty hardcore guy, if you can't tell from my blogs, I believe this is a gang initiation, but I'm not sure which gang, can some one help me out?
I don't know too much about gangs, but I'm pretty sure you should do the following:

1) take the blow up doll to your bed.
2)blow it up
3) do it, while watching the male sex tape
4) kill yourself
Why does IE7 say it can't show the page for sites or blogs?
I downloaded JoyScape Pro Media Center player some weeks ago and now I cannot get IE7 to gor to the "HOME" page for nor any of it's directories or forums. Now; I am an adult looking at adult videos so I should have the right to manage what I want to see or not; No? If anyone can tell me how to "Uncensor" IE7; I'd dearly appreciate it!
It's not censorship nor IE7's fault. Joyscape blogs went down a few weeks ago. One report is of server problems, but whatever the trouble is, it's knocked out all the blogs and they haven't been heard from since. There's a search engine that still churns out links, but all of those links are dead.
Me and my husband are thinking of making our own "adult" website..?
We are considering making a porn site but I have no clue where to start we want blogs and videos and so on and so forth but how do we get started? Also I'm not interested in a Turnkey pornsite please don't give links to those thanks!
My boyfriend and I run several sites. One of which is and another is
The best way I can tell you to go about this is to do your research. Sites can be bought easily and customized or you can even by ready made ones, etc. Once you check out those look at another place called ifreinds. It's a good affliliate site to help you get started.

And the comment on the low-class/ trashy thing. Porn is sex- everyone has sex. Just because you're smart enough to make money off of people's sexual desires does not make you low-class or trashy. It makes you smart and other people are just jealous because they don't have the balls to go after it themselves.
Where can I find support for teens/young adults with epilepsy/seizures?
Videos, blogs, vlogs, anything...

I'm not seeking information, but I'm seeking support, consultations, advice, that sort of stuff- especially from teens/young adults who also suffer from them.

How much should starting your own website (adult) cost?
already got the domain name and concept, but am pricing web designers and want to know whats normal pricing for a site with no flash, ninety percent video content, homemade, amateur stuff, niche market with a forum, blogs, members area, email and ccbill ive been quoted everything from three hundred bucks to seven thousand
I think the upper end is more realistic. The thing you need to remember is you get what you pay for. It is great that you have a good idea of what you want it will make it much easier on the designer.Did you remember to find someone who will host an adult site? Try this company, they specialize in designing and hosting adult sites.
Do you think she has the goods on Tiger Woods?
Devon James says she has sex video with Tiger Woods worth $350,000

It had to happen sooner or later.

One of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses is shopping an alleged sex tape she says she made with Tiger Woods.

"The tape is 62 minutes long and 37 minutes of it is us having sex," Devon James told on Wednesday, placing its value at $350,000.

James said she was meeting with adult video distributor Vivid Entertainment to talk turkey.…

How do you see this?
Tiger Wood should roast in hell for what he did to his wife and family.
Is this adult websites legal or not?

In last days i saw some pics/videos of real high school girls(probably 15/16/17years old) in some adult forums and websites. They are not nude, they are in uniforme and bikini. or posing with tanga/g-string and some of them from their myspace,blogs.. and also Some of them are upskirts..
an example:

can we report them? or is it legal?
bad taste maybe,but not illegal.

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